Short, Sweet, Barely Complete

The title of today’s piece is in reference to my attention span and ability to focus at the moment. It’s been a strange and hectic week and, as much as I’d love to have something far more interesting to present you with, I don’t! This is it! Some days/weeks the topics are easier to come by, and this week they are at the other end of that spectrum.

I have learned to roll with it. Just not like that Steve Winwood song (which I greatly dislike due to having to dance to it in terrible outfits in jazz dance class as a child).


I thought I’d look ahead to the weekend and what games I’d like to play. I have been thinking a lot about Super Mario Bros. 2 lately, one of my favorite games of all time, and realized I haven’t played it in a really long time. I think this weekend I’m going to hook up the NES Classic and play it in the highest resolution I never could have dreamed of. That sounds like a real nice time.

I’m also hoping to finish Far Cry: Primal. It’s my least favorite Far Cry, but I’m still enjoying the Far Cry aspects of it (e.g.: liberating outposts). It’s really just satiating me until Far Cry 5 releases next month (!!!).

I’m ALSO hoping to finally play some Crossing Souls. I was so excited for it to release, and I’ve yet to even start it.

And I expect there will be a return to Dying Light this weekend, as my partner started in on the game and I enjoy popping in to take out masses of zombies and turning them all into easy-to-collect crack bags of loot. Also, any chance I get to play with him is a good time.

So, while I know today’s piece is short, I’m hoping you’ll forgive me and shine this one on.

With that I ask: what are you hoping to play this weekend? Any new releases on the horizon you are particularly excited about?

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be in Oros wrapping things up. Cheers, friends!

*** *** ***

P.S. I found this art by GoshaDole while looking for an image of Super Mario Bros. 2 and I really liked it. TUUURRRRRRRRRNIPS!!!

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  1. Oh yay, love for Mario 2. I, too, adore that game, it’s one of my favourite Marios. I don’t think I’ve ever actually finished it though. Perhaps I should fix that sometime!

    My weekend will likely mostly be spent playing Xenoblade Chronicles 2, since I’d like to cover that in detail on my site next month and I haven’t beaten the damn thing yet, but I will probably find some time for some retro gaming on PS2, Dreamcast, Mega Drive and/or SNES too.

    Basically most of my weekend will be spent gaming. It’s been a busy week at work and I’m looking forward to not having to do anything useful!

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  2. I’m hoping to get some time in with Monster Hunter, Kingdom Come, and Xenoblade Chronicles. I’m also quite looking forward to the remaster of Burnout Paradise.

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      • I’ve put in about 20 hours or so to it so far and it hasn’t been super buggy. There have been somethings but nothing that has been game crashing. OK, well the save system not working properly for the first few days was pretty bad but it seems to be OK now.

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        • Really? Well thank goodness! The save system is what is keeping me from starting the game, honestly. I’ve been reading various accounts of what has been happening to people and how much progress they have been losing and I figure I will wait until it has been patched out a bit. But I hope you continue to have a mostly smooth time!

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  3. Back to Monster Hunter after a few days off from it. I’ve already put in about 70 hours since launch and needed some time away. Other than that it’s light amounts of Bayonetta 1.

    That last picture of Mario 2 is epic! Going to steal it. Such a great game even if it doesn’t play like that others in the series. Many great memories of playing that with my Dad and Brother. Pretty sure we never beat Wart though.

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    • Good gravy!! It’s amazing how much time can go into a game. It really adds up!

      Isn’t that cool? I love how it’s a great interpretation of that first area you are literally dropped into.

      OH MAN. Please go through and beat Wart! If for no other reason than the sounds he makes when you get veggies into his big face, and the ending. :)


  4. Going to get back into either Batman or COD mp. I need a distraction right now. Going thru some family issues. Keep me in prayer!

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