Bracing For Duty

I’m on call for jury duty this week which means each day I have to call at a certain time and be prepared to show up at the courthouse within an hour of that call. Because of this, I’ve been mentally packing an “entertainment bag” to bring with me. That bag would include a book, my phone (for both music as well as Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp), stationery and stickers for correspondence I’d like to get to, and a whole slew of gaming devices.

At first I was like, I should obviously pack my Switch. Check.

Then I was like, well I should really pack my PS Vita so I can finally get to some of those games, too. Check.

Then I was like, well I should really pack my 3DS just in case.

Check. Check. Check.

Logically, I’m aware I don’t need to bring three handheld gaming devices in addition to my phone, yet there is a part of me that knows I will likely take them all if I wind up having to go.

That’s so silly. I’d only be there for a handful of hours. There’s no conceivable way I could get to so many games in that time. Certainly not if I’m also trying to listen for announcements and be mindful of my surroundings.

But then I start thinking, ohhh but I could start Breath of the Wild! And Metroid: Samus Returns! And Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon! I could finally play Undertale!

I could do all those things, it’s true, but I have a feeling I’d just wind up playing a crap ton of Pocket Camp while sitting close to an outlet so I could keep my phone charged.

Oh my silly habits.

So, please excuse the short piece today; I’m trying to get several things done while also being ready to scoot in short order.

Here’s to justice and portable gaming. Cheers, friends.

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