Took Me Long Enough

I have loved gaming for as long as I can remember. I have loved dancing for as long as I can remember. How it took me so long to make a move to combine them baffles me.

I just bought my very first Just Dance game: Just Dance 2018.

It was on sale on Amazon and I’d been recently thinking about trying to incorporate exercise with gaming; this seemed like a great mix of the two. Also, this looks delightfully bizarre, and I kind of love that. Not to mention in every E3 Ubisoft press conference, the Just Dance segments are wacky as hell and I could use a little wacky as hell in my life.

Growing up, I was super into school dances. I can only recall one from middle school, but I recall several from high school. If I could recall where any photos were, I’d absolutely drop them here in this piece, but I have no idea where any are. Wait! Not true! There was one dance I went to with my dear friend Zachary. We were supposed to double with two of our mutual friends. As Zachary, myself, and our friend Tony went to pick up my good friend Val, I offered to go to the door to get her. When she opened it, she wasn’t ready and took that opportunity to let me know she wasn’t going to the dance. I had to break the news to Tony in the car. I felt terrible for him. He didn’t want to become a third wheel so he asked us to take him home. We were like, oh hell no, come to the dance with us! We were just going as friends anyway, so the three of us went to the dance and even had our pictures done together.


Oh my god, how hilarious is that picture? I’m like all of 16? 17? Please note Zachary and I are wearing matching shirts and, generally, matching outfits. I remember when the photographer asked about the three of us and I said something to the effect of, we are all on a date, and he seemed so confused.

It was wonderful.

We had such a good time that night. I’m still sorry for Tony, but I’m so glad he came with us. I believe that’s the first night Zachary and I tried to “Gator.”

Gatoring is when someone shouts “GATOR!!” and everyone flops to the ground and then flops into a pile. We 100% did that and we almost got kicked out of the dance. Oops.

But totally worth it.

Anyway, back to dancing and games.

I have such amazing memories of going dancing. High school dances for sure (getting dressed up and the anticipation of the evening), but many, many more memories after turning 21 and going out as many weekend nights as possible for a good long while.

I miss going dancing desperately.

I’ve been far too lethargic for too long, and when I saw Just Dance on sale I thought, why not? Why not jump around my living room to hilarious images on the screen and (hopefully) good music? Why not get some exercise while doing two things I love?

I even bought a fanny pack (it’s super rad and transparent and holographic teal) to throw my phone in while I shake it to the game. I would hate for my phone to go flying out of my pocket while trying to imitate the people on the screen.

I’m already excited. Hell. Yes.

With that I ask: what will you be playing this weekend? Also, have you ever played any exercise-related games? What got you into them and how did you like them?

This weekend I will surely be continuing my playthrough of Far Cry: Primal, and I’m hoping to get to both Crossing Souls as well as Thimbleweed Park.

Cheers friends, please be safe out there.

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  1. I was always curious to try Just Dance, but I never danced in my life…it would probably go ugly really fast! Dance it off! It looks like a fun time if you’re into dancing!

    I loved to play Sports Champions with PlayStation Move on PS3, specially the table tennis game. It was a fun time, but then my ps3 broke and I never played again and I was never into kinect games. I really want to try VR games, I think they could be fun games to do some exercising.

    This weekend I’ll play Breath of the Wild and some Mario Kart 8 deluxe. BoW is not the life-chaning experience I was expecting from reviews but I still like it a lot, like a 8 out of 10. Mario Kart 8 is fun, but goddamn I hate those blue shells…it really makes me want to play a new Crash Team Racing and Sonic & All-Star Racing.

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    • I bet it is awkward at first, but rapidly super fun. If you get a chance, you should go for it! I still haven’t. Boo, me!

      Oh no! You played tennis so hard your PS3 broke!! (I’m being silly. But I am sorry your PS3 broke.)

      I would still love to try VR. I haven’t, but I’d love to.

      That sounds like a heck of a weekend! You are reminding me that I really need to play my Switch more.


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