Status Report: Week 7 (My Interests Deceive Me)

I love the Far Cry series. I love the overall tone, the gunplay, and the bonkers scenarios they tend to present. Far Cry 5 is one of my most anticipated games of the year.

I thought, in preparation of sorts, I would play the only current gen Far Cry I haven’t touched yet: Far Cry: Primal.

I thought it would be a no-brainer that I would like it.

Turns out, I might be wrong about that.

Granted, I’m only a couple of hours in, but, so far, I’m not feeling it at all.

Sure it plays like a Far Cry, but things about this entry feel off to me. The owl you unlock (your own personal feathered drone) seems to be unwieldy to control. The tone feels strange. But far and away my least favorite thing about this entry is having to kill so many digital animals.

I know they are only digital and not real, but killing animals in games really bothers me. It’s my one real gripe with the Far Cry series as a whole. In Primal, it seems to be more prevalent, and I can’t say I’m enjoying that; each time I have to kill another one, I apologize audibly to the television. I do enjoy finding and taming beasts, though, and I’m incredibly pleased to have a dedicated “pet” option. I’ve easily pet my white wolf friend a dozen times so far.

He’s a good boy.

I realize I’m only a fraction of the way into the game so I’m more than willing to give it another couple of hours, but in those first two, I found myself feeling a way I almost never feel: approaching boredom.

I hope I’m off base and that I can sit down and play it further and hopefully enjoy it, but after a few more hours if I haven’t reached that point, I’m not going to feel badly for putting it aside in favor of a different title.

Speaking of! I’m starting in on Thimbleweed Park today and I am excited! I haven’t played too many point and click adventures, and from everything I’ve read, this has a tone I’m excited to dive into.

Apparently I’m thinking about tone this week.

Over the weekend my friend and I made some more progress in Borderlands 2 and, after, I played some Titanfall 2 multiplayer with another friend. It was on his suggestion and I was game to try even though I hadn’t played the game in over a year, and had never touched the multiplayer at all. I never finished the campaign even though I loved what I played before I stopped (the Big Sick of 2017 ruined that one), but I have to tell you: jumping into multiplayer for a game you only played a few hours of over a year prior and weren’t familiar with went about as well as you’d expect.

I did not do very well.

But I’m glad I tried. It was great fun, overall.

I also played a crap ton of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp (I’ve now invited all 61 animals to my camp!), and I’m continuing my quest to level up every amenity possible. The game isn’t nearly as deep as its fully fleshed out namesake titles, but I still love it. It’s the only thing that has made my phone need a charge multiple times a day since I got it nearly two years ago.

Please, Nintendo: Animal Crossing for Switch. Please, please, PLEASE.

This week I’m hoping to keep plugging away at Far Cry: Primal, finally start Thimbleweed Park, finally finish What Remains of Edith Finch (without barfing), and maybe, just maybe, see if Destiny 2’s event is any good. That’s a big we’ll see, though.

With that I ask: what are you hoping to play this week?

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  1. Hey Rebekah! As always I enjoy reading these interesting update blogs. I won’t be playing much this week. I need to head out to see about a family member that lives a distance away. The little I play will be of COD’ MP; eventually, I want to finish TT’ Batman series. Other than that, looking forward to the upcoming release of GOW.

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    • Aww, thank you, Richard! I really appreciate that.

      I hope your trip goes well and that you are able to play a bit after your return.

      God of War isn’t far off now. Just a couple more months!


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