I Don’t Play Enough Games And That’s A Problem

Allow me to say right off the bat, this is the first-worldest of first-world problems, not playing enough games. If anything, it’s a testament to how supremely unproductive I am as a person and a gamer.

I am a great amasser of games. I am a great amasser of everything, really. I am great at getting the things together to have an experience, only to sometimes never have that experience.

This is juxtaposed by my partner who is the supreme master of time management. He has a full time job. He has a more than part time job. He has a third job, four times a year. He takes classes online for fun.

And he still plays way more games than I do.

And I write about games.

I am always impressed by him and his time management and productivity.

I’d like to be more like that.

For me, not playing enough games is actually an issue, particularly since I have been trying to write about games and be a relevant voice. It’s also weird when huge games release that I have no real interest in. I’m torn between buying them to play just to have experience with that sort of thing, or saving the money and moving along to other, more interesting (to me) games.

Some of which I never get to, and not for lack of interest.

What got me thinking about this was the impending release of Far Cry 5. Right now, it’s one of my most anticipated games of the year. The Far Cry series is one of my favorite series of all time, and I realized I’d never played Far Cry: Primal.

I ask myself: how is it possible I’ve never played one of the most recent entries in one of my favorite series?

Again, it’s a testament to my poor time management and motivation.

It’s time to get cracking.

Last year was a bit different because I was too sick to do, well, anything really, and for far too long. This year, I am hanging in there and trying to be productive.

Right now I’m sure I have enough games to last me until old age, yet the calendar shows just how many amazing games are in the pipeline and how quickly they will find their way to release. The new and wonderful games will never stop coming and if I don’t start trying to catch up now, I’m going to stay buried and that’s a place I don’t care to be.

So! I have Far Cry: Primal in the system and I’m starting it today! I feel good about that. Sure, it’s going to take a while to finish, but I want to stop focusing on how long a game will take to complete and just start the game in the first place. I stunt these experiences before they even start and that’s another thing I need to work on.

With that I ask: what will you be playing this weekend? Also, do you find yourself not playing games you want to play and already own? How do you finally just start them? I’d love to know how you start in on new games.

Please be safe out there this weekend, friends. I’ll be playing Far Cry: Primal and watching all the Olympics I possibly can.

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  1. There are so many games these days that you really need to “prioritise” what you’re playing if you want to make sure you have a meaningful experience with what you play. In my case, this is partly what my site is about; my month-long Cover Game features afford me the opportunity to fully digest a game in its entirety, and then reflect on its various aspects in detail.

    Consequently, I only tend to have one “big game” on the go at once, but I punctuate that with more “short-form” stuff for consoles old and new as “palate cleansers” when I want something I don’t have to think about quite so much. This works nicely for me! Your mileage may, as they say, vary, but as with any hobby that requires active participation, a certain amount of forward planning helps a great deal :)

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    • Isn’t that the truth! I am so buried I have no idea how I will ever catch up.

      I like that you devote month long coverage to a specific game! And your approach makes good sense to me. :)


  2. Rebekah, I hear another blog in the works. Time management & games. Hmmm! Just planning to get further along with Batman. Hopefully, not play as much COD mp. It’s addictive!

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  3. I know the feeling. I constantly bury myself under new titles even though I have plenty of games in my backlog. This is especially easy when sales and the free games with PS+ and Xbox Gold roll around. I tend to play what I feel like at the time in terms of genre but even then deciding exactly which game to play in a given genre can be tough for me. I wouldn’t feel bad about not playing Primal, I’m still looking forward to Far Cry 5 and I still haven’t played 4 or Primal.

    I managed to beat the main story of Little Nightmares but am still going through the DLC chapters. I’m also still playing through Nier: Automata but I also started the story mode of Dragonball FighterZ. Have a great weekend!

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    • But you seem to always be playing something different so it seems like you make a lot of progress? But yes, PS+ and Gold add a lot of games to that backlog.

      On the Far Cry front, I will say, FC4 was good but not great (to me), but Primal is just…not happening for me. I will keep at it today but I do always feel bad if I don’t finish a game. I have a feeling I will force myself to play all of it. :/

      Nice! What did you think? I still can’t wait to play both those games. How is Dragonball?

      I hope you had a great weekend!


      • It’s kind of a yes and no in terms of playing different games. I make a decent amount of progress and will often see it through when I finally start a game, but sometimes it’s hard for me to move on to another game. Sometimes it’s things like achievements/trophies that will keep me going for repeat plays of a game, other times it just feels easier to just play something I’m familiar with instead of choosing to start something new. The fact that I keep buying/adding new games to my backlog makes it harder though.

        I loved Little Nightmares. It was a nice balance of creepy and mysterious and you could feel the influence of Limbo/Inside throughout. The gameplay was a little spotty here and there with environmental interactions and figuring out where to go since it was 3D but overall a good game. The DLC chapters have been adding some flavor to the world also which is nice. I think there’s one left that should come out sometime this month.

        Nier’s story is pretty interesting so far. It’s starting to pick up in the ways I keep hearing about. In terms of gameplay, the combat is serviceable but a little bland and the open world seems a little too large and sparse. It’s good overall, but those little gripes might come into play the further I get into it.

        Dragonball FighterZ has been really fun in the opposite way. I’m not far into it, but the story mode seems like a throwaway almost in terms of plot, though it might pick up. The gameplay is really fast and fun though. I’ve always been a fan of the anime, so playing as all my favorite characters in a fast paced 2D fighter is really satisfying. In action the gameplay feels like the anime which is really satisfying as well.

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        • I always like hearing how you think about games. And I can definitely relate to some of your habits about playing familiar games over new ones. I do that a LOT.


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