If A Game Lets Me Dress As A Shark, I’m Going To Play That Game

I’ve been wanting to start Dead Rising 4 for a while now, and not just for topical holiday reasons. Yes, I know the holidays are officially over, but I find myself in the mood to play something snowy and irreverent.

On top of that, I decided to revisit an old episode of Game Informer’s Test Chamber for Dead Rising 4. I was reminded there is a shark outfit in the game, and something about that lit a fire beneath me.

Some of you know I’m terribly amused by land sharks (so much so that the Destiny clan I created years ago is centered around Land Sharks), and I realized that if a game allows me to dress as a shark, I am pretty much going to play that game at my earliest convenience.

In South Park: The Fractured But Whole, I found a shark outfit early on and I wore it almost the entire game:

Every time I saw myself bop around South Park, I was terribly tickled.

I already wanted to play Dead Rising 4, and when I was talking to a friend about it the other day, I brought up that you can find and wear a shark outfit and he agreed it was right up my alley.

I have no idea why I have a fondness for shark silliness or land sharks or shark costumes. I don’t inherently love real life sharks more than any other creature. Sure, I think Jaws is one of the greatest films of our time, but that’s not why either. I have zero idea why I love shark costumes.

I do know if I randomly shout “LAND SHARK” in reality, I will crack my own self up and, really, what’s better than that?

(I know, a lot of things are better than that, but cracking yourself up is also fairly desirable.)

I have also come across non-silly sharks in games, namely Abzu, and was moved by our soggy connection.

I wasn’t prepared for the emotional impact of my character’s relationship with this shark. It took me by surprise and broke my heart a little, as well as brought me an exhilarated feeling by the end of the game.

Sharks are people, too.

Except that they are sharks and can eat you, but really, sharks are people, too.

As I looked back for that image, I came across some hilarious images I’ve used before of different sharks in games so, why not, let’s revisit them here! I mean, it’s Friday after all. Who says I have to live by any rules?


(Just kidding; I think rules, and abiding by them, are important.)

I feel like I relate to this image of Bill Murray with a shark. I feel that expression often. Wistful sadness.


The elusive husky shark.

The infamous (and unintentional) land shark in Far Cry.

Oh dear god, they’re multiplying.

GTA’s land shark: WASTED.

I’m pretty sure that gun’s unnecessary.

And, to round out this trip down memory lane, one of my favorite GIFs:

I hope to revisit these delightful land sharks again in the future. Sometimes you just accidentally wander down memory lane, and sometimes it will be with land sharks.

With that I ask: what will you be playing this weekend? Also, what costumes do you enjoy wearing in games? Do you also enjoy wearing shark costumes?

Fun fact: a friend of mine (who also loves land sharks) once sent me a video to cheer me up while sick of himself in a shark onesie while dabbing. Amazing.

Please be safe out there friends. Cheers!



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  1. This weekend I’m solidly in Overwatch’s new season. For whatever reason, I’m solidly convinced that I can climb a rank this time. I want to return more to Destiny 2 but when I checked its forums the player base is alight with anger over Eververse. Bungie lost its newfound goodwill of putting gear collections for sale at vendors by placing The Dawning’s gear in the Eververse. And so players could only fill holes in their gear collection with bright dust. I’ve no desire to spend my gaming time feeling squeezed for cash (my gas bill already does that). Enjoy your shark suit game time!

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    • I hope you climb that rank like a BOSS.

      Oh man, this Destiny 2 stuff is getting ugly. So much is going off the rails. My person experience with something incredibly dumb was I logged in just to see Xur on Monday, I bought one of those exotic engrams for nearly 100 legendary shards that is supposed to give you an exotic you’ve never had before and it gave me the Graviton Lance…and I’ve had three of them. I was so annoyed I just logged out. I took a video clip for posterity in case I ever write to Bungie but really I was just so bummed out I didn’t want to look at it anymore.

      Yeah, after you’ve paid retail for a game, you shouldn’t feel like you have to keep dumping money into it to get all the gear the game offers. I am SUPER susceptible to Destiny’s loot boxes, but, so far, I’ve held out on this event.

      Thank you! MORE SHARK OUTFITS!


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