My Top Ten Most Anticipated Games Of 2018

2017 was a banner year for video games. While I think it’s likely going to be difficult to top, 2018 is shaping up to be fantastic in its own right. Below, I’ve listed my top ten most anticipated games of 2018.

In alphabetical order:

Biomutant (TBA 2018)

Before E3 2017, I’d never heard of Biomutant, but once I saw the trailer, I was immediately on board. You play as a raccoon-like creature and navigate a world of other mutated creatures. The gameplay looks to be on the action/adventure side, and I’m intrigued to find out more about the world.


Detroit: Become Human (TBA 2018)

Evolved from a 2012 tech demo named Kara, Detroit: Become Human is a title I’ve had waffling interest in. After seeing a longer gameplay demo last month at PSX, my interest is piqued. The “humanity” of AI is a topic I’d like to see explored more, and Detroit has its sights on that prize.


Dreams (TBA 2018)

The more I see about Dreams, the less I feel I know about it; I kind of like that scope. Over the years, Media Molecule has created some of the most whimsical and touching moments in gaming, and I have faith they will strike those chords again. After hearing that Dreams will have a full campaign, I couldn’t be more sold.

Plus, snails.


Far Cry 5 (March 27, 2018)

As a huge fan of the Far Cry series, Far Cry 5 is propelling much of the hype train of 2018 for me. It looks irreverent and a touch wrong, and I like those elements in games. I only hope Ubisoft doesn’t back down from their vision for (and the tone of) this entry.

Also, you can have a dog companion and play the entire game in co-op. Sold and SOLD.


Kentucky Route Zero (TBA 2018)

Kentucky Route Zero is a game I’d always heard bits and pieces about, but never learned too much. I’d heard it was rooted in storytelling and atmosphere, both of which I’m a sucker for. I haven’t played too many point and click adventures, but I’m glad to explore that territory further this year.


Knights and Bikes (TBA 2018)

Knights and Bikes is a game starring two intrepid girls on a fictional island in the late ’80s. I’ve seen comparisons to Stranger Things and The Goonies, but what really sells me here is the pedigree of the development team: the creative lead of Tearaway, and another Media Molecule alum.

I’ll be there with bells on my bike.


Pathologic 2 (TBA 2018)

Pathologic 2 (which is a remake of Pathologic; the “2” was added to avoid confusion with the original game) is a game long on my radar. Years ago a gaming friend told me about this intense Russian game where all your choices matter in the extreme, and the atmosphere is oppressively dire. You play the game as three different characters, all attempting to locate the source of a lethal illness known only as the “sand plague.”

I’m looking forward to playing this at long last in 2018.


Red Dead Redemption 2 (TBA 2018)

I feel like for most people out there who game with any regularity, RDR 2 is a gimmie of 2018. I’m looking forward to exploring the world and seeing all that Rockstar has to offer with this follow up to one of their most lauded games.


Shape of the World (TBA 2018)

This was my game of the show from PSX 2017; the atmosphere, the color schemes, and the environments all drew me in. I surprised myself and found (well after PSX) that I had taken a screenshot of a news article from E3 2017 of the very same game to keep on my radar.

Looks like when something hooks me, it hooks me.

I hope to bring you more about this game in the near future.


Vampyr (TBA 2018)

The sickly beautiful atmosphere of Vampyr has had my attention for years now, and I’m looking forward to playing the full release this year. Vampyr is a choice-driven game where you can drastically alter your circumstances depending on your playstyle. I like when choices have tangible consequences in games, and this looks to be an excellent example.


Dollhouse (TBA 2018)

I’m giving an honorable mention here to a game I know almost nothing about other than its title: Dollhouse. Every screenshot is dripping with atmosphere, and the horror title caught my attention with its premise: you are trying to piece together the truth by seeing yourself through the eyes of your pursuer.

I have no idea what the hell is going on and I love it.


With that I ask: what games are you most looking forward to in 2018? Why did those particular games grab your attention?

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  1. Some of these games may not release in 2018 but here’s my list in no particular order.
    God Of War
    Far Cry 5
    Days Gone
    Detroit Become Human
    Ghosts of Tsushima
    Spider Man
    The Last of Us 2
    RDR 2

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    • What do you look forward to most about each of these titles?

      I think most will release this year excepting Ghost of Tsushima, and The Last of Us 2. Otherwise, I think all of those are landing this year.


      • I like Colton’ list too. I like the majority of games on his list. I too think that a few of the titles mentioned will be delayed into 2019, TLOU2 & Ghost of Tsushima. Playing as a samurai, how can you not be sold on this?! With Japan being the background for this game’ it’s a must play, say no more. I’m SOLD!

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        • I’m guessing when Naughty Dog announces a release date for TLOU Part II, it’s going to be 2019 at the earliest and likely 2020.

          I adore Sucker Punch so I am more than on board for Ghost.


  2. Maybe it’s the Mass Effect Andromeda effect but I’m not over the moon in anticipation about any game in 2018. I am excited but trying to focus on my backlog. That being said, I really hope that Insomniac’s Spider-Man game is good. I really want it to be and I’m so appreciate that the game includes Miles Morales in some way. There’s such a dissonance developing in the superhero movies and the current comics that seeing Miles in the Spider-Man trailer was my favorite E3 moment. Otherwise, I’m excited for State Of Decay 2 and the final The Walking Dead season from Telltale. In the meantime, I’ve more robot dinosaurs to beat down.

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    • Aw, that makes sense though. And I’m also excited to focus on my backlog!

      I also really hope Spider-Man comes out well. I know a lot of people have high hopes for it. I’m not familiar with that universe so I’m unsure who Miles Morales is. I have something new to research!

      How are you liking Horizon?


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