Status Report: Week 1 (And To All A Good New Year)

Well, here we are; 2018. I’ve never been much for thinking a new year equals a new chance on anything; I tend to believe we can turn things around at any given moment should we decide to. I am, however, supportive of anyone who has positive resolutions for 2018.

And I can’t say I will much miss 2017. For a whole bevy of reasons.

Alas, I’d like to look forward today.

I don’t do resolutions, per se, but 2017 saw a lot of my plans swirl down the toilet, so I’m taking this opportunity to focus on health and productivity. I’m committed to playing not only more games this year, but more varied games this year! I am a huge fan of experiences, and I’m excited to swim around in as many as possible.

In that spirit, I started one of the weirdest games I’ve played, period: Mr. Massagy.

I saw it on one of the PSN sales at some point, watched the weird trailer, then bought the game at a super budget price. I had no idea what to really expect, and found myself using a simulated online dating site, then going on dates with some “interesting” characters.

I think I said, “WOW” a couple dozen times during the somewhat short time I played the game, but I’m already looking forward to finishing it up. I’m completely on board with compact, unique, and strange experiences.

I’m also going to finally dive in to Dead Rising 4 today, as well as begin my nth playthrough of Okami. I know Christmas is over, but I’m still in the mood to play something irreverent and seasonal, and I’m always in the mood to revisit Okami. I will never tire of the art style, bringing nature back to the land, or feeding the creatures.

It’s a deeply beautiful game.

I’m also going to finally finish Everything.

If I’d had an official top ten list for 2017, Everything would have been seated firmly in the first place position. I loved it so much I didn’t want it to end, so I put it aside and never went back to it. I left myself suspended as a frog (I believe), because I wanted the experience to last and last.

Now I want to see it through. I mean, I still don’t want it to end, but I’m ready to see where it goes and how it wraps up.

I’ve also been compiling a list of games I’m looking forward to with planned releases in 2018, but I’ll go into a bit more of that on Wednesday.

Right now, I’m going to go read. Even though I may not be a new year person, it can’t hurt to start myself off with a Baby-Sitters Club book. Those girls are just so industrious, kind, and tenacious. I have a lot of respect for Ann M. Martin and the series she helped create.

With that I ask: how will you be starting off the first week of the new year? What games are you hoping to play this week? I’d love to hear all about your digital exploits.

Cheers, friends. Please stay safe out there.

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  1. I agree that we’re all able to commence a reset or new resolutions at any given time. There’s a sense of community with the new year when society as a whole is considering new goals and aspirations that invigorates my attempts to do and be better. Gaming-wise I recommit to buying less games overall, my last gaming purchase for sometime was Observer in the Xbox winter sale. After 2017 (and the addition of my new Playstation 4 wherein I stocked up on all of the exclusives I’ve missed) my backlog as only grown. I aim to play my backlog and write about it. To get the new year started, I’ve begun playing Horizon Zero Dawn to check out the robot dinosaurs for myself.

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    • I hope I didn’t come off as dismissive about resolutions; I am always supportive of people wanting to improve themselves.

      I want to take a page from your book and try to buy less games. I was awful about that in 2017, especially considering how few games I wound up playing.

      I would love to read about your experiences! Please let me know when you have posted them!



  2. Hey Rebekah! Been stuck in the world on COD MP; thought I could blast my way through; it keeps reeling me back in. Ugh! Thoughts? Might try to play some TT’ Batman series.

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      • Agreed! I am enjoying COD MP because every time out; the experience is different. Also, looking forward to A Way Out. I need to know more before I make an informed buying decision.

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        • I am glad you are enjoying COD!

          I also hope A Way Out turns out well for you. I’m not super interested in the title, but I know plenty of people who are!


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