Status Report: Week 48 (For Whom The Bell Tolls)

Yes, the picture is like that on purpose. It’s indicative of how I’m feeling about tomorrow.

Tomorrow is my dumb birthday and no matter what I do or how I try to parse my thoughts, I’m in full-on panic mode about it. This picture pretty well captures that I feel I will slide right off the proverbial hammock and into the abyss of my over-40-hood.


Okay. I just had to get that out of my system. I’ll probably be continuing to do so for the rest of the day. Today is the last day of my 30s. I’ve written about my issue with birthdays before, so I won’t rehash it here, but, suffice to say, they’ve never been something positive for me.

I do, however, have a truly wonderful and supportive partner, and he knows how I feel about these things. To spare me another year of sitting on the bathroom floor and crying (not an exaggeration), he knew it would be a positive to go somewhere new and near the water, so he is taking me to the coast tomorrow. He is ever-thoughtful and I probably don’t deserve him, but I’m entirely grateful for him. Even if the coast was a giant, smelly mess, I’d still have a wonderful time there with him.

But I’m still dreading my birthday.

In other more gaming-related news, I’ve become quickly obsessed with Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and am now at level 24 (a shade away from 25). I find I want to play it when I should be doing all sorts of other things like, you know, sleeping. Combine this with the fact that I’ve recently gotten back in to Animal Crossing: New Leaf (with a lifetime total of over 1,000 hours into the game), and I am swimming in Animal Crossing goodness. I’ve found that I’m actually dreaming of Animal Crossing when I’m not playing Animal Crossing, and that tells me I may be playing too much Animal Crossing.

I also popped back in to Destiny 2 last night and I realized something disappointing: I’m not into the endgame. Sure, I still want to do the raid at some point, but I’m not feeling the pull or engagement with this entry that I did with the first game. It feels hollow, like a sandwich with no insides. How they took the goodwill built with The Taken King and turned certain systems inside out (e.g.: shaders), I will never know. I actually realized last night that if I hadn’t already pre-ordered the expansion pass, I might not have bothered at this point.

That bums me out.

So, this week, AGAIN, I hope to get to some 2017 releases. I won’t be home much over the next couple of days, but I hope to get to some handheld games on my list (I think I will download Undertale on my Vita, since I’ve never played it) like Metroid: Samus Returns.

But, who am I kidding, I’m going to be playing so much Animal Crossing near the seashore. Maybe I will collect real life seashells. If I find a raccoon who offers me a loan, well, that would be pretty interesting, honestly.

What will you be playing this week?

I will be real life leveling up. Yuckers.

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  1. Ahhh, I missed your birthday, and I knew how you feel about turning 40…so, hope you had a good day at the shore, finding virtual seashells in Pocket Camp! Well, are the first days being 40 different then before?

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    • No worries. And yes, I had a nice day at the coast with my partner. Really being anywhere with him is a recipe for a lovely time.

      And, as I’m sure you suspected, nope. No difference. Only when I think about it do I start to freak out again. The moment to moment is the same. But I am determined to make some changes for the better, so that’s a nice aspect.

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