Did You Partake In Black Friday?

Another year, another Black Friday. Over the past two days, I’ve received no less than a hundred emails from various sites letting me know all the ways I can save. Of course, not spending anything is the biggest savings of all, but I don’t think any of the companies in question would appreciate that particular truth.

I’ve been keeping an eye out for game sales, but, so far, I’ve not seen anything ultra compelling for me to partake in. There are a handful of things on the PlayStation Store that intrigue me, but I’m not sure I will bite.

At this point, only a deal on the Switch might sway me.

So, what I’m wondering is: have you taken advantage of any Black Friday sales? If so, what did you pick up? What are you still hoping for?

Also, what will you be playing over the holiday weekend? I’m hoping to do my holiday weekend sort-of-tradition where I play the first half hour of a whole bunch of games just to see what’s what. It’s overwhelming and often fun.

With that I say, please be safe out there. I look forward to hearing what people got at a discount!


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  1. Hi!

    I’ve been wanting a new notebook for a while now, so I got one yesterday! I also got a couple of games on the xbox store(Saints Row The Third and Fractured But Whole) and gog.com(Freedom Force). I’m done with spending now! For the year, even! I just want Pokémon Ultra Sun and then I’m done buying games and related things this year.

    This weekend I’ll try to keep progressing at Darksiders 2. This game is too long!

    Good luck trying games this weekend! I hope you can find something that sticks out for you.

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    • HI!!

      Hey, congratulations on the new notebook! And wait…did you buy Saints Row the Third AGAIN?! Is that four times now?

      As for Ultra Sun, if you still need to find a way to secure a copy, I’d be happy to find a way to get one to you.

      I hope you enjoy Darksiders 2 and that it wraps up quickly.

      Thank you! Now if I can just DO it…


      • No! This is the same one I bought last week! It was black friday sale already!

        Thanks for the kind offer! I’ll get Ultra Sun next month, most of sellers will have here by then.

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  2. Black Friday, to me, is little more than a helpful reminder of just how little money we have. Everyone talking about how excited they are to get stuff at such low prices, and me just going “Yeah, I still can’t afford that.”

    There’s always next year, I suppose.

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  3. Just been playing COD’ MP modes, War & TDM. Not sure when & if I’ll get back to the campaign. Not sure what other games, if any, from this year I’ll purchase. Looking forward to next year already gamewise. I might play some more of TT” Batman season 2 as well.

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