I Am Super Sick

As the title says, I am SUPER sick. It started on Sunday, got worse on Monday, and yesterday hit some sort of messed up stride. I barely slept last night as I can’t breathe through my nose, so I had to force myself to sleep with my mouth open.

It feels like I’ve been sucking on tube socks.

This all started as an allergic reaction of sorts and blossomed into a nasty cold/flu hybrid. A friend was visiting from out of town on Saturday, so we went to an Italian place we almost never go to. Something tasted strange about my food, so I ate maybe three bites and took it to go. When I heated it up the next day, the same feeling struck me, so, again, I took a few bites, and then dumped it.

I should have dumped it sooner.

Later that night my throat was swelled up and burning like crazy. I could still breathe so I skipped going to urgent care, but the next day I felt worse. Yesterday I felt worse yet. And this morning when I woke up for the twentieth time, I felt WAY worse.

I usually write my pieces the night before they post. Last night I could barely get my thoughts together. Today I am not much more coherent.

So, friends, I’m sorry to offer you this lackluster piece instead of something directly gaming related.

I feel like I am hearing everything through pillows around my head. And, though I’ve never been punched in the face (thank goodness!), I feel as though I’ve been punched in the face. Or run into a wall. I’m just guessing here.

If I can play anything today, I’m sure it will be some more Destiny 2. Or, heck, some Borderlands (the first game). I always want to play Borderlands when I’m sick and unable to rest.

I hope to have a better piece for you lovely folks tomorrow. Sorry today was a dud.

Believe me. I am sorry.

Off I go to heat up some more broth. Thank goodness for broth.

Cheers, friends.

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  1. You don’t have to say you’re sorry for feeling sick and can’t focus on writing.
    You know we all love you and would rather see you get better instead of being hard on yourself for circumstances beyond your control.
    Take your time to get better, we’re not going anywhere…. and I highly doubt Destiny 2 is going away anytime soon either.
    Oddly enough, I had something similar happen about 6 weeks ago. I bought a sub sandwich from the grocery store, got food poisoning which led to a high fever and then the flu.It took about two weeks to recover, which sucked because I missed a lot of work. I hope you get better a lot sooner than that.
    Take care and try not to worry so much, we will take your personal well being over personal blogs any day. I mean that in the best possible way, you know.
    Hugs for you, Beks!

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    • Oh no! I’m sorry you got so sick from a sandwich! And I’m sorry you had to miss so much work!

      Thank you for the kind words. I’m still feeling like absolute garbage, but I keep trying to do everything I can to take care of myself and to feel better. This thing just has long and strong legs. BOO ON SICKNESS.


  2. Hey Rebekah! Hope you get better soon. Quick gaming update: I finished season 2, ep. 1 of TT’ Batman series. Not sure what to think about how it ended. They introduced Harley Quinn to get you to come back for ep. 2. I’ll try & get into Uncharted, finally; no promises though!

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    • I’m glad you got some Batman in, and I bet you get to Uncharted sooner than later! I have a hunch! Or maybe it’s just my fever playing tricks on me…


    • It IS! I’ve been trying to game in the evenings, but holy heck. I had to put down the controller in the middle of a multiplayer match because I was coughing so hard I started crying involuntarily and thought I would be sick. Not so fun. I had to bow out soon after.

      Thank you! I am SUPER working on it. I have no desire to be sick any longer than…well…ever.

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