Updates, Error Codes, And Server Maintenance

A little over a week ago there was a system update on the PlayStation Network. I always look at the notes and, in this case, they were sparse; something about nominal improvements overall. Since that update, every single time I log out of Destiny 2, I get the following error: CE-34878-0.

I looked it up online and it turns out there are potential fixes for that error code in general, but most of them involve doing a factory reset of the system.

No thank you.

I wasn’t having this issue before the PSN system update.

Which reminds me of another situation.

For months, every time I went to switch between apps on my PS4, the system would slow to a crawl. I asked around and several people I know were also experiencing the slow down. It seemed it had to do with an update that was eventually patched out.


The issue was eventually resolved with a further update, but it got me thinking: how many issues do these updates cause?

Probably many more than I will ever know.

Back to error code: CE-34878-0.

Literally every time I’ve logged out of Destiny 2 (properly, no less) in the last ten days or so, I’ve gotten this error code. I’ve done nothing different aside from that not long ago update. I keep sending in the error reports, but I believe I’m at the mercy of Sony’s team to address the issue in a future update.

On top of those issues, Destiny 2 has been a far buggier game than the first. There has already been more server maintenance performed in a short time, and I’m honestly surprised. I feel like this launch could only go smoother than the launch of the first game, however I’ve seen more issues with this game by far.

I’ve seen “Contacting Destiny 2 Servers” more times than I can count, and I’ve been booted from my fireteam more than a handful of times. I was running during a Crucible match and was booted for inactivity (which I thought was ironic since I was actively running when it happened). I’ve been sent all the way back to the PlayStation menu for seemingly no reason. These things rarely happened in the first game; why are they happening so often in the sequel?

I have no good answer.

I’ve seen more lag in PvE than in PvP (which is a switch). My partner and I play in the same room, back to back. There are times I will tell him I am next to a chest or a consumable and he expresses confusion. I tell him exactly where I am and he will ask me to look at his screen and I will be somewhere completely different in his game. I’ve seen the same thing in reverse more than once.

I very much understand there will be bugs and wrinkles to iron out, but for the situations to be worse than the first release, I have to admit, it’s confusing. I can only hope some patches roll out soon for both a PSN system update, as well as a lot of Destiny 2 fixes.

Fingers crossed.

Even so, I’m sure I will be playing a ridiculous amount of Destiny 2 this weekend. Despite all the issues, I’m completely engaged.

What will you be playing this weekend? Any exciting plans?

For me, today, it’s yet another horror movie Friday. I have several new releases on Blu Ray and I can’t wait to dive in. I’m not even sure what I will watch first!

Cheers, friends. Please be safe out there. :)

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  1. Sometimes it seems half the work in coding is fixing the stuff that arises from the last add in. Computers can sure be a finicky thing. It doesn’t sound like the server issues in Destiny doesn’t seem like a coding one though and I hope that gets better for you and everyone else soon.

    This weekend I’ll be continuing through Yakuza 0 which has been a really fun beat em up style game with a really well done crime story mixed with some of the most charmingly weird and bizarre side content I’ve come across in a long time. I’ll also try to get through more of Psycho Pass Mandatory Happiness which is a visual novel in the purest sense. It’s a good story so far, but there’s no real gameplay aside from advancing the text. I might’ve played for about 2 hours before the game asked for a choice on where to go.

    I’m also playing Metroid Samus Returns and am enjoying that immensely. It’s been so long since we’ve had a Metroid game let alone a 2D one and Mercury Steam nailed this one. The gameplay is satisfying and a really good remake of the original game.

    Have a great weekend!

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    • I can’t even imagine how hard it must be to create these complex games, let alone patch them in a way that fixes the issues without creating new ones.

      You saying Yakuza 0 is “charmingly weird” makes me want to play it so bad.

      Oh wow, two hours? Sheesh. That’s bonkers.

      Metroid sounds so good. I’m glad you are enjoying it!


  2. I just bought Oddworld: New and Tasty since it was on sale for $4.99 on GOG, so I suppose I will be playing that for a while this weekend.
    Funny thing, I bought a new Nvidia GPU about two months ago and it came with a free Steam key for Rocket League, but I have yet to play it even though I installed it. Since I am getting a little bit tired of Overwatch right now, I think I might finally try it out.
    I’ll let you make a good guess as to what I will be playing starting October 24th, though.
    On an unrelated note…I finally got around to watching Stranger Things on Netflix this week, and I highly recommend watching it if you have not done so yet.
    Have a great weekend, Beks!

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    • I hope you were able to try out Rocket League and that you enjoyed yourself!

      Oh man, I LOVED Stranger Things! I think I’ve watched all of it three times, now! I can’t wait for season 2 next month!


  3. I want to buy Wonder Woman on blu-ray, I’m embarrassed that I fell asleep during the movie in the theater because I was just so tired. I hope to log Destiny 2 time to get as far along in the campaign that I can. But I’m feeling that I want to play a game for that “comfort blanket” feel, especially if I experience Destiny 2 bugs. I may boot up Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag or Mass Effect Andromeda or even Overwatch if I’m feeling lucky. Tonight we’ll watch The Mummy reboot and eat pizza! A classic Friday to put the work week behind us.

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    • Oh gosh! You know you’re tired when you fall asleep during an action movie in the theatre!

      I hope whatever you decided to play that you had a good time!

      Pizza and a movie are a great way to ring out the week!


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