Short, Sweet, And Trying To Avoid Spoilers

Hello, fellow Guardians! I mean, even if you aren’t playing Destiny 2 (or have no interest in it), today, I think of you as my fellow Guardians. :)

I am writing this on Tuesday evening before I leave to pick up the game at faux midnight release (9pm here on the west coast). I know already I won’t be able to focus on anything other than SPACE ADVENTURES for the next 24 hours, and I didn’t want to miss connecting with everyone in my regular Wednesday piece.


I can’t think of a thing to say that doesn’t directly relate to my insane hype about Destiny 2. I am literally so excited I feel like I could barf. That’s a new one. I just want to play it so badly. I mean, I hope to play it well, but I want it play it intensely.

Most of my thinking and communicating today has been in ALL CAPS as my hype seems to emerge that way.

Another reason this will be short is that I’ve been trying very hard to stay off the internet. I know there are already major spoilers abound on Twitter and YouTube, and I’ve been trying not to engage with either. I’m also incredibly wary of looking through my Facebook feed on the off chance a spoiler might be present.

I know by the time you read this the game will have released, but right now, it is 90 minutes until release.


I have never been so happy to live so close to a GameStop.

So, with that, I apologize for this being a ridiculous post, but also, my hype is real and overwhelming and my brain is just saying, let’s save the “real” writing for Thursday.

Okey dokey, brain. You got it!

Cheers, friends. Should anyone need me, I’ll be in space. Those engrams won’t collect themselves.


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