Status Report: Week Thirty-Five (Keeping My Head Down)

Even though I finally accomplished something amazing, I find myself awfully grumbly this week.

On Friday night, my Dark Souls companion and I went back into the dreaded arena to continue our pursuit of victory over Darkeater Midir. I had such high hopes. I had watched videos. I changed up my gear. I thought we were going to drop down that hole and take him out, easy peasy.

Not so easy peasy.

Between the past weekend and the one before, all told, I think we died to Midir 20 times. On Friday, we got him down to ONE HIT left. I didn’t want to get greedy, so I backed off at the same time my co-op partner died. I apparently backed off just far enough that I triggered Midir’s laser beam of extreme unfairness, and I got hit with a one-two blast and DIED. I was SO UPSET. (I know there are lots of all-caps words here, but italics just wouldn’t do in this case.)

I was actually about ready to give up. I mean, he’s an optional boss. He’s a jerk. He’s apparently significantly harder with two people.

But we kept at it.

We finally got to a point (again) where we were getting him slowly but surely whittled down. Midir was down to such a low amount of health, I tried not to get too excited. My co-op partner frantically asked me if I wanted him to wait for me to strike the final blow and I equally frantically said, “NO NO NO PLEASE JUST KILL HIM.”

And he killed him.

He did the heavy lifting in this fight, and I feel kind of bad about that, but I know I got in there as often as I could and I know I tried. Did I try my best? I’ll never know, but I did try, and I’m glad as hell that Midir is DEAD DEAD DEAD.

If I ever go in for New Game +, I’m skipping him for sure. He can rot down there in his hole for all I care. I never want to see his dumb dragon face again.

So, victory was glorious, even if I wasn’t the one administering the last hit.

Thank you, Brad for sending Midir to the eternal boarding school.

I had thought I’d finally be knocking out Ghost Recon: Wildlands this weekend, but, for whatever reason, that didn’t happen. I’m super disappointed about that, but my co-op partner and I just never synced up. I want to knock this game out so I can move on, particularly before Destiny 2 releases in just over a week, but I’m here in gaming limbo.

I still need to finish Wolfenstein: The New Order, and my delay there is getting out of control. I need to get serious and finish all these games I’m partway through. For that matter, I realized I never actually finished Everything even though I adored it, and I’m committed to finishing that this week. It’s really one of the most beautifully moving experiences I’ve had in gaming.

In thinking about all the 2017 releases I have (and have yet to play), I made a comprehensive list and HOO BOY (there are those caps again). I have over 30 games that had their initial release this year, and that’s not counting games like Undertale that just released on PS4, but actually released back in 2015. The 30 games in question are all fresh 2017 releases.



I have some serious catching up to do.

I also headed over to How Long To Beat (a website I love), and wrote down the approximate time it would take me to finish each one.


So, this week, since I have no idea how Wildlands will shake out, I am going to keep my head down and my nose to the ground and try to power through some of these games. With Destiny 2 only nine days away, I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to complete by then. And I know myself well enough to know that once Destiny 2 launches, pretty much all my gaming time will be spent in space.

What are you hoping to play this week? What are the big games of fall that you are looking forward to?

With that, I leave you with this beautiful image from Destiny 2. The colors are dreamy. I can’t wait to explore it.

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  1. Going to finish Sniper Elite in the next few days. Also, I need
    to upload the latest episode of Telltale’ Batman series as well as Uncharted. Not sure when I’ll get to play either game though. Thoughts? Happy you finally beat Dark Souls 3. 😁😁

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    • I wish you luck on completing it!

      As for the other stuff, play what makes you happy!

      Well, to be fair, Dark Souls 3 was completed weeks ago, but now all the DLC is completed as well. :)


  2. I’m slowly making progress in the lost legacy,chapter 4 took me awhile with all the exploration I did. I still have other games I need to finish but that will be my main focus for a bit.

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  3. Congratulations on taking out a fiery dragon! There’s nothing like the feeling of the boss takedown after dying so many times. Over the weekend I squeezed in what Overwatch that I could trying to inch my way up the rankings and earn some summer event loot. I didn’t get the Solider 76 skin but I had fun playing swapping between Soldier 76, Torbjorn and Mercy. Tomorrow is my birthday and I’m taking a day off with no plans but food and games. I can’t decide what to play. I’m considering starting The Order: 1886 on the PS4 or perhaps XCOM 2 on the Xbox One with some Mass Effect Andromeda too. Also, sleep.

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    • Thank you! I REALLY disliked him. I was also getting really sick of SEEING him. But it’s okay because he’s dead now. BAD DRAGON BE GONE!

      Aww, I’m sorry you didn’t get the skin you wanted from the Overwatch event! That’s such a bummer. :(

      I hope your birthday was truly lovely! I always love it when people take the day off work for their birthday. I think it’s nice to give yourself that gift. If you started The Order, what did you think?

      But the big question: did you get sleep? :)


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