500! What A Time To Be Alive!

Holy hell, everyone! As of yesterday’s post, I reached 500 pieces here on my website.

I’m not entirely sure what to think about that. Or, in an ironic turn, what to say about that.

I have a strange relationship with writing. I wanted to get into writing (about video games in particular) to connect with people. I wanted to share my love of games with people and create conversations. I feel, in part, I’ve done that. At least a bit of it.

Often when people hear I write, or realize how much I write (or how often), they say something to the effect of: you must love writing.

To that I have to say: I’m not sure.

I love why I want to write. As for the writing part itself, I don’t know if I can say that I love it. I feel like writing and I are an arranged marriage that happens to function and be relatively enjoyable. I feel I’m a reliable writer. I’m certainly not a great writer, but I continue to aspire to be the Bill Bryson of video game writing.

But really, what I think I’d like to say here is an absolutely sincere THANK YOU (yes, all caps are necessary) to each of you who come here to read the words I assemble. I know you have dozens of things vying for your attention, and the fact that you come here means something to me. It has weight and I have a very real appreciation for your time.

Thank you.

As I talked about last October on my 400th piece, there were a lot of things planned for 2017 that, due to my seemingly endless illness, I haven’t yet been able to implement. Namely, writing at least one review per month as well as streaming once a week. Those things are still planned, however I need to get my health sorted out once and for all first. Rest assured, I’m working on it.

Part of that streaming schedule will include community game nights where several of us can gather to play multiplayer games (e.g.: The Jackbox Party Pack). I will be very vocal when the streaming and the community game nights are set up so anyone who would like to be included, can.

Please feel free to follow either my Twitch channel, or my YouTube channel as I will (eventually) be streaming on either or both sites.

I’ve also been encouraged to do some sort of Patreon since I’ve been a source of reliable content for nearly three years now, but that’s an awkward subject. For those who aren’t familiar, Patreon is a crowd funding platform that facilitates artists obtaining funding from their work. I will look into the logistics and report back with a more solid idea of what, if any, plans I have on the Patreon front.

I know I’ve said it before, but I’m looking to interact with people a bit more on Twitter (right now I use it only to link articles here on my site). I’ve also have a writing page on Facebook, if any of you are so inclined to pay it a visit. Some greatly amusing discussions happen over there!

I know there are a lot of self-promoting links here and I do apologize. I never thought being a writer (or, in my case, trying to be a writer) would involve quite so much of it. I try to do it as little as possible, as I always feel pushy (something I try to avoid at all costs), so if it comes across as such, please accept my apologies.

One thing I’d like to ask for is feedback on what you like currently or what you’d like to see going forward (streaming, reviews, certain topics, etc.). A specific point of interest has been the color scheme here on the site; I adore orange, but I have heard here and there that it’s difficult to read the white text on the orange background. I’m hesitant to change the aesthetic of the site fundamentally, but if it provided a greater ease of reading, I’d seriously consider it.

And with that, once again I say thank you. Thank you for your time. There is no greater honor.

Here’s to 500 more? Oh, probably.

Let’s do this.

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  1. 500?! But that’s like… *maths* … 100 more than 400! SO MANY!

    I was really looking forward to those streaming sessions of yours. I totally get why you had to put them on hold, and I really REALLY hope you can get it figured out soon, because that would be a lot of fun.

    But once you do, and you get those streaming sessions going… you know what you should stream?

    Dark Souls 3. :-D

    Congrats on 500! *party noisemaker*

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s a strangely large amount of words, isn’t it? By my calculations, it’s over 250,000 words in just under three years. WHEW!

      Aww, well I hope to get the heck better like immediately and to get on that streaming schedule. That’s my very next priority. I’m hoping to include people in that streaming, be it co-op, etc.


      That made me smile, thank you. NOISEMAKER BACK!


  2. That sounds a lot like a day at the Brickyard 🏎. The Indy 500.
    Keep up the good work.
    Keep the white, over orange. If folks can’t read it, just make the font bigger. Or, they can go +1 on their readers.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you!

      Also, thank you for the feedback on the color scheme. I like the orange, too. I’m hesitant to make the font bigger as could look a bit strange.


  3. Congratulations on number 500! That is a seriously awesome accomplishment.

    I think all of the different types of content that you have planned out will make for excellent additions to the site once you are able to implement them. They each seem like logical and fun ways for you to grow. I give my best in regards to your health so that you may see those plans come to fruition soon.

    In regards to the color scheme, perhaps you could keep the orange but play around with the saturation/hue in order to find something that will be the best of both worlds.

    Keep up the great work and here’s to the next 500! Cheers!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! By my calculations it is over 250,000 words. All those words.

      I can’t wait to start the streaming portion. I think that will be a lot of fun and I’m excited about getting people involved.

      I actually did that with the saturation when I created the site. A darker orange looked strange, and any lighter made it difficult to read. In this case, the saturation I have had since the beginning WAS that best of both worlds.

      Again, thank you! Wheee!


  4. Congratulations on 500 posts Rebekah! I always enjoy reading your work and am looking forward to everything you’ve got planned for new content when you’re feeling better, which I hope will be soon.

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