Polybius Lives!

Each Tuesday, I’ve made the habit of checking the PlayStation Store for new releases. Often, I am surprised and delighted by one or more smaller titles that I’d either never previously heard of, or heard of some time back, then never heard of again.

So, imagine my interest yesterday when I saw Polybius listed under new releases.

Color me intrigued.

Almost two years ago to the day, I wrote about the fabled urban legend of the original Polybius cabinet, a game I’m far from convinced ever actually existed. The rumors ran rampant, but the wildest was that the government was placing (and monitoring) the few cabinets out there, and if you played the game, you just might lose your mind.

(The week after I wrote that initial piece, it was brought to my attention that a potential documentary was being Kickstarted and, even though it wasn’t successfully funded, I still wonder how it would have turned out.)

Back to yesterday and the PlayStation Store.

I found out this new (or, more likely, only) Polybius was developed by Llamasoft Ltd, and can be played in either PSVR or via any PS4. The game description on the site is as follows:

Smooth, trancetastic, flowing bossless gameplay won’t leave you frustrated.

Outstanding techno-trance soundtracks from our peerless artists.

PSVR: 120FPS, 2x supersampling for ultra-smooth, sharp visuals on every PS4.

Or play without VR on any PS4.

Play in true 4K resolution on the PS4 Pro.

Drawing on more than 30 years of game and music visualiser design experience, Polybius’ smooth-flowing, bossless gameplay transports the player to a tranced-out pleasure zone that they will never want to leave.

Immerse yourself fully in this hypervelocity neon trancespace with PSVR at a staggering 120 FPS, or play on your telly at up to 4K rez. Strive for hyperspeed as you bask in the aural glory of the game’s outstanding soundtrack featuring 25 original tracks. Enjoy every second of the ride through 50 trancetastic levels.

Dip in to improve your Normal Mode score using Llamasoft’s signature Restart Best feature, or challenge yourself to take the top score in Pure and YOLO modes.

Llamasoft, you have my attention.

Unfortunately, due to the plague I seem to have been fostering since January, I have yet to dive in to this intriguing release.

I’ve always been fascinated by the mystery surrounding the original urban legend and I love that someone created a game of the same name and with a premise similar to the original rumored style. As soon as I’m not in danger of being sick everywhere, this is right up there on my list to experience.

Polybius retails for $15.49. For more information, you can find the official page on the PlayStation Store here.

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