An Untapped Goldmine

This morning, my partner approached me with a brilliant topic: what if Telltale created game series based on certain ’80s and ’90s television properties?

Immediately my mind started dancing around. What a glorious idea!

The following are the first five we came up with, but I think the era is ripe for the picking.


Golden Girls

What’s not to love about the idea of playing a Telltale series about four of our favorite ladies? You could press square to head out to the lanai, circle to eat cheesecake, and triangle to come back with a sassy retort.

The more I think about this, the more into it I am.

To be fair, I love the Golden Girls. I’d love if you had the opportunity to play as each of them: Dorothy, Blanche, Rose, and Sophia. I think this has so many possibilities, I can’t even contain myself.


Magnum, P.I.

Okay, full disclosure: I am a huge Magnum, P.I. fan.

When it used to be on Netflix, I was so happy. It was so simple to put episodes on in the background while I went about my daily activities. When they took it away, I finally bit the bullet and bought the complete series on DVD.

I adore the tropical setting, the lack of cell phones (I do not care for cell phones at all, but that’s a story for another day), and the ridiculous situations the cast seems to frequently find themselves in.

You could play as T.M., driving the Ferrari from Robin’s Nest each day to go about your Hawaiian activities. You could play as Higgins, keeping the estate in order and generally being cantankerous. You could step into the role of T.C. and keep Island Hoppers hopping. And if you were yearning to run a business, you could play as Rick, keeping the King Kamehameha Club running smoothly and fabulously.

Oh my gosh. Imagine if you could also play as Zeus and Apollo?!


This game doesn’t even exist, and I’m already all in. Sold. Sold. Sold!

I could gush about this all day. No, really. I could. But I will stop here because there are three more ideas I need to get to.



Let’s be honest: playing as Ben Matlock would be a delight.

You could sit outside in the sunshine and appreciate your seersucker suits. You could muse over how and when to reveal just how brilliant you are, and put the bad guy (or lady) away. Your courtroom bravado would be unmatched.

This would also lend itself well due to the various cast members who come and go through the series. I feel like the different court cases would serve as excellent chapters.


Miami Vice

I mean, just look at those guys! They are ready for all the action necessary to keep Miami safe.

So much Miami. So many Vices.

The creators of the show looked to the ’80s culture of MTV. In a Telltale vision of the series, so many moments could lend themselves to being played in a music video fashion. Think about questioning suspects as a sort of rhythm game.

And don’t forget Elvis on Crockett’s boat.


Murder, She Wrote

Okay, let’s be honest: this series could go on forever. Each episode of a Telltale game could be a new mystery in a new location. Cabot Cove would be an excellent hub to bookend each of her experiences.

As a side note, a good friend has tried to convince me for years that Jessica Fletcher was actually the one doing all the murders, but he is a dinosaur and prone to flights of fancy. Also, Jessica Fletcher is a classy and kind lady. There is no way she was behind every murder in every episode. That would have made her a complete monster.


I feel strongly that this would be ripe for serialization.


So there you have it. A handful of ideas for Telltale that would not only be amazing, but, I’m guessing, would also be lucrative as hell.

Though, now I feel a little sad. I’d play all those like crazy. I wish they existed so bad.

What properties would you like to see made into a Telltale series?

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  1. I think Matlock and Murder She Wrote lend themselves best to a Telltale interpretation but Man oh Man would I ever love an open world Magnum PI. Also.. Knight Rider. (KITT will remember that)

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    • AHHH!!! A Knight Rider one would be good, too! I love the idea that KITT would hold things against you. :)

      I don’t know. I think Magnum fits right in there due to each episode being fairly self-contained, as well.

      I’m telling you. I wish these were real games coming down the pipeline. I’m so excited about these ideas, I can’t even tell you!

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  2. Okay a Miami Vice game would be pretty dang cool. If we are sticking with TV properties I would love anything that further explores the Avater (Last Airbender) universe. I adore that lore.

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    • I think they could stylize a Miami Vice game in the same type of color saturation as The Wolf Among Us and it would be incredible. I’d love that.

      I’m not familiar with that property as much, but if you like it, I hope it happens!


  3. LOOK AT THAT FACE. THOSE DEAD SOULLESS EYES. That is the face of a killer. She probably just ate someone. My theory is undeniable! I would gladly play the Murder She Wrote game, if its big twist was of course the reveal that Jessica was the killer the whole time.

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  4. I may be breaking with the Telltale conceit but: Alf in a cat-eating mini-game, Dukes of Forzza and Fraggle Rockband..Also, a Telltale game built around the episode of Growing Pains where Jeremy Miller (Ben) finds himself as an actor on a show called Meet the Seavers.

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      The puns are so strong with you. Potent, even.

      An Alf cat-eating mini-game sounds AWFUL! But I would be down for Dukes of Forza or Fraggle Rockband.

      Also, since I get to talk to you in person, I feel I should point out here the other glorious pun you made: My Two Octodads.


  5. I definitely agree on the A-Team & Murder comment for Telltale Games. Also, can Clue be included from that era too? Just a thought!

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  6. Oh my, you brought a huge smile to my face! How can we be so many years apart and still love the same series? We have the entire Magnum series on DVD, have had for years. And I’m collecting the Golden Girls DVD’s too. Only difference between us is that I watched them when they first aired over here in Europe, lol. Matlock is fun, and Jessica Fletcher! Great ideas!!

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    • Yayyy! And I don’t think we are so many years apart! You also have Magnum on DVD? WHEEE!!! And Golden Girls, too!

      I don’t think I caught Magnum when it was on (TV was an odd thing in our house), but I definitely caught some of Golden Girls when it originally aired. I also watched a TON of Matlock. Unfortunately I didn’t see Miami Vice or Murder, She Wrote until I was an adult, but I loved them both.

      Thank you! :)


      • Lol, well, I’m guessing some 15- 20 years apart! You know what, Magnum inspired us for our destination for the next big holiday: Hawaii! Let’s just hope some of the magic of that series, that is filmed there after all, still lingers after all these years.

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        • Perhaps? This year is a milestone birthday and I am dreading it.

          Wow, really?! That’s so wonderful! I am so jealous! I’ve never been to Hawaii but have always longed to go. I hope you have the best time!!

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