Status Report: Week Seventeen (Not Uncomfortable Enough)

To get the awkwardness out of the way: yes that’s me on the outside and the inside of the mirror. It was also a decade ago, so I don’t look like that anymore. The image was chosen due to some heavy introspection over the past week.

I’ve been rooting around inside my head to see how I can improve myself. I need to be more uncomfortable. I need to be poking around the aspects of life that I have shied away from too much in the past chunk of years.

Things are stirring.

I knew when I let music back in this would happen.

Anyway, I am still gameless. I mean, I have the games, I just haven’t played any. I’m going to plop down and try to play anything today. Even if it is for ten minutes. Worse case scenario I feel a little, well, worse, but at least I will have actively tried.

I’m all about trying right now.

This week finally brings us the release of What Remains of Edith Finch, a game I’ve been looking forward to for years, and I’d love to be able to give it a go. I know it’s in first person, but I’m so excited for the experience, I’m willing to try it, health issues be darned.

Also, something wonderful happened this weekend: I found out that the entire three+ hour score of Everything was released on Steam. My laptop can’t run 99% of the games on Steam, but I bought the game again just so I could get the DLC of the score. All told, the game and score cost well under $20 and was entirely worth it. Everything has one of the most amazing scores I’ve heard in years and, from the moment I played the game, I knew I had to find a way to get it.

I got it.


This morning was all about medical stuff, but I’m already looking forward to trying my hand at something today. Even if I can’t manage it, at least I can try. Eventually, I have to be able to get back to a decent gaming schedule. I can not be hopeless forever!

So, while today is a short one, that’s all I have to report. My goal: to keep trying to push my comfort zone into a new shape.

What will you be playing this week? Any new releases you are looking forward to?

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    • But I’ve seen you playing Dark Souls III? Does my PS4 speak the truth?

      And holy hell, I should just send you Resident Evil 7. At this rate I won’t play it until summer, anyway. I’m so sorry. :( I had meant to get it to you months ago.


      • I’ve turned it on a few times, but I never get more than five or ten minutes before having to go do something baby-related. So I’m not sure if that counts or not.

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        • Eh, I mean, it counts but I get what you are saying. I mean, I played an hour of Borderlands like two weeks ago, but I couldn’t focus, so that doesn’t really count to me either.

          I hope you get to play something sooner than later. Not playing is ungood.


  1. I apparently don’t know how to reply on your website so I just have to keep making new posts!

    I have $25 in PSN credit, so I’m going to buy the hell out of What Remains of Edith Finch when I get home.

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    • I think you can just go to the comment and choose reply? At least it should work that way in theory.

      WHEEE!!! I’ve been waiting for this one for years and I can’t believe it’s so close. That countdown on my PS4 menu is taunting me!


      • There wasn’t a reply button before… weird.

        Anyway, I’ll still have like $10 afterwards, so I might pick up that other one you recommended a while back, The Park.

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        • OH MY GOSH, please do. I loved it. I know it isn’t perfect, but that game builds tension in a way that few other games have done. The last “level” is a masterclass in tension. If you have headphones, I’d recommend using them.


  2. Still making my way through Persona 5, I’ve been playing it practically non-stop. I hope you feel better sooner rather than later.

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  3. You keep on a path towards getting better! Here’s to your health getting a move on to wellness! I remain solidly pulled into a black hole of work. I’m trying to get to an end point by Friday because that would let me have a Saturday gaming bonanza. And so my few minutes of game time have been playing Overwatch. I’ve been working on playing Mercy (I just never remember to use her “glide to your teammates” power). I hope to play the new Walking Dead, Season 3 episodes and return to Mass Effect Andromeda soon. Not there yet.

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    • I second that! :)

      Ugh, I’m sorry. I hope, contrary to science, that you can see the light from that black hole sometime very soon! Mercy is so much fun and SUPER effective, but I’ve never mastered that glide either.

      No matter what happens, I hope you get game time SOON!


  4. Played through Pneuma: Breath of Life Sunday, then may have farmed the remaining trophy last night. Also, I did two playthroughs of the FMV game Late Shift. Enjoyed both playthroughs and both games quite a bit.

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