Ground Kontrol Expansion: Commence!

It’s not often I yearn to be back in Portland, but today is an exception. Today, Wednesday, April 12th, marks the soft opening of the long-awaited Ground Kontrol expansion.

Work on the expansion started back in 2014, and tonight the public gets its first glimpse of the new space; I’d be remiss if I said I wasn’t aching to be there. Ground Kontrol has been my favorite place in Portland since I first went there back in 2006. I’d had no idea it even existed until a friend introduced me, and it was love at first sight. Back then, there wasn’t the full bar and menu there is now (the food is quite good!), but I drank many an energy drink and bag of Cheetos to fuel my arcade dreams. I once played so much pinball, and so hard, that all the next day my wrists were ridiculously in pain.

No regrets.

I’d go into the history of Ground Kontrol here, but I wrote about it a couple of years back (before I used caps!) in decent detail. Basically, it’s a glorious arcade for all ages during the day and adults only at night. Some of my very best nights in Portland have been spent at Ground Kontrol, and I’m considering having a milestone birthday there this year.

The expansion, in effect, doubles the square footage of the existing Ground Kontrol, which sets my mind spinning. I’m already wondering which cabinets made it onto the floor and what it will all look like. As of tonight, only the expansion will be open while they go through and refresh the original space. That original space is projected to reopen later this year with a hallway connecting the two areas.

So, tonight, I will be sitting here thinking very hard about what an awesome time people are having there. Congratulations, Ground Kontrol! I can’t wait to see it for myself!

For anyone interested, head over to their official site for more details.

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  1. Cool blog! Here in Cleveland, there’s the 16 Bit Bar & Arcade. It sounds similar to Ground Kontrol. Also, you didn’t mention what game(s) are we playing? Still exploring the landscape & story that is Andromeda.

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    • Thanks! And 16 Bit sounds like a cool place!

      I usually ask on Mondays what people will be playing during the week, and on Fridays I ask what they will be playing over the weekend. :)


      • It does sound cool; I have yet to go there. If I do, I’ll mention it in a future blog comment. Still playing Andromeda; the loyalty missions aren’t as interesting as in ME2. They seem to be more elaborate, not in a good way (spread out & time-consuming). I have played thru Cora’; I think I am close to getting to Drack’s. I’ll have more feedback for you in a future blog comment.


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