So that image has nothing to do with anything other than I was recently thinking about Gitaroo Man so there he and his pup are.

(Also, it would be super nice if a remaster was done of Gitaroo Man. I know we just got PaRappa, so there’s hope.)

My frustration currently has to do with not only still being sick, but seemingly getting worse over the past several days. I didn’t think I’d necessarily get well straightaway, but I did think I’d at least start seeing improvement before I saw…this.


I was all set to force myself to play games this week. I mean, I finally have Persona 5 in my possession! I want to play it so badly. But it’s hard to play anything when you are crumpled into a heap on the couch, trying not to heave everywhere and generally trying not to move more than necessary.

Allow me to say, I’ve never been so sick before that I’ve not been able to play games. It’s borderline absurd. As it is, the only times I’m even at my computer are to keep writing on my regular schedule, and as soon as I’m done, I go back to my couch heap and try to remind myself to keep drinking Gatorade (my electrolytes have been terribly low for weeks) and periodically forcing myself to eat.

Yes, I have to force myself to eat. The other day I realized all I’d eaten was a small bowl of cottage cheese. I realized that around 10pm that night. But it’s hard to eat when you constantly feel like you will see it again.

So, as you can see, my frustration with my pathetic health is at an all time high.

I want to finish Everything so badly. I adore it. Have I touched it in the last week? No.

I want to start Persona 5 like crazy. Do I think I will get to do that today? I have no idea. I want to say I will try, but the way I feel right now, I doubt it. I think I was actually able to sleep for all of three hours because I hurt so bad.

This crap is bonkers.

I don’t want to be so frustrated. I want to be productive! It’s just hard to be productive when all you are capable of doing is either sleeping or becoming a couch barnacle.

So, even though this has only barely been about games, I should probably excuse myself. Sitting up is hard.

It just seems ironic: in a year that has already seen so many amazing releases, my system decided to shut down for three months and render me as close to useless as possible. All I can do is shake my head. And keep going to my doctor. We are both baffled.

Friends, please take care of yourselves. It’s all fun and games until your health takes a dump on you.

I’m sorry to be such a downer today. I hope to have something far better for you on Friday.

P.S. Here is an adorable fan art image I found while looking for Gitaroo Man. It’s Gitaroo Kirby. :)

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    • I’d like a Gitaroo Man remaster FOR you. How else are you going to get that girl to sleep on your shoulder while your dog relaxes nearby in HD?

      And thank you. I just never thought this would get worse before it got better. It’s a mean, mean trick.


  1. Thats such a bummer that you aren’t feeling well. Hopefully what you have is found out so you can recieve proper treatment.

    Until then I’ll keep you in my prayers and know that people are pulling for you. I really enjoy your posts a lot. I get email notifications and it always brightens my day to read them. Its nice to see that even though you may not be be feeling well you still keep at it with your writing. Regardless of the content, be it happy or sad or angry know that people read it and that we care.

    Hope you get well soon!

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  2. I share the sentiments of those who have commented before me. Get well soon! Did the Dr. pinpoint anything specific yet?
    IF you don’t mind my inquiring! Also, debating whether to continue w/ Andromeda, I have a love/hate relationship. Also, I want to conclude Horizon; it’s hard to do when I have been exploring space. Thoughts?

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    • Thank you! And nothing conclusive yet. I have another specialist appointment this month so we will see.

      I always suggest playing whatever happens to move you at that time. If neither are doing it, there are always other games!


  3. I can only imagine how frustrating this must be. Hopefully things turn around for you soon. As long as you keep pressing forward and working with your doctor answers and improvement will come. Until then know that our thoughts are with you and try to envision the day when all of this is nothing more than an obstacle that you’ve overcome. I look forward to you writing about kicking this illness to the curb and playing games to celebrate. Get well soon Rebekah.

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    • It is straight up pooptown. It is three months today that I’ve been sick. I’m looking for improvement anywhere I can find it.

      I’m looking forward to playing games to celebrate, too! Thank you!


  4. Oh no! I do hope that you’ve felt better in the past few days. I’m rooting for you! I’ve played very little games this week due to massive and overwhelming work deadlines that are going to bleed into the weekend. However, I’m listening to the Once More, With Feeling soundtrack from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and hoping for a positive day. The soundtrack reminds me that I never did finish the Buffy video game on the Playstation 2 because that Anya boss battle was brutal. Anyhow, here’s to finding time to playing games and to playing games in good health.

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    • Stupidly I have been feeling worse. It seems very dumb to get worse before getting better. I’m ready to kick whatever this is in the face. FACE KICK! Take that, sickness!

      Oh wow, I’m sorry to hear you are buried in work. :( I hope that Buffy soundtrack helps. And you’ve also reminded me that I never finished that game. I have two for that era (one I think is simply BTVS, the other is BTVS: Chaos Bleeds).

      I hope we BOTH get to play this weekend!


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