Status Report: Week Fourteen (Another Setback)

I had such high hopes for the past week.

Joke’s on me.

I’ve had a bit of a strange week. I went to see another specialist (turns out, I will get better…eventually!), and have more meds to try. I am still sick, but, at times, certain things improve a bit, only to feel far worse even later in the same day. I tried to sleep last night and I hurt so badly, I couldn’t fall asleep.


So even though I thought for sure I would “finish” Everything, I didn’t even get to play more of it. That was disappointing.

Since my 3DS is portable and can travel to both the couch and bed, I’ve been playing a bit of Pokemon Sun here and there. I’ve been focused on filling out my Pokedex. Sometimes that means endless grinding to catch a Pokemon I’ve not yet seen, others it means grinding to level an existing one. I love when I can just slap a stone on them and they evolve but most of the recent ones have been more involved.

Over the weekend, I’d wanted to try to revisit either some Borderlands DLC (from the first game), or even take a return trip through House of the Dead: Overkill, but neither panned out. I’d hoped to play anything last night but ended up feeling worse than usual and was grateful when I was finally able to fall asleep.

I know. Boring boring boring.

This week I need to figure out a way to play anytime I’m awake. I’m weary of so much uselessness. Especially considering Persona 5 drops tomorrow and I can’t wait. I don’t care if I need to keep a barf bucket next to me from playing and bothering my system; I’m going to find a way to play that game. Everything I’ve seen of it looks amazing.

So with that, I say, I’m sorry this is a short one, but I don’t want to bore you with a lot of nonsense about sickness and lack of activity.

What did you play over the weekend? What are you hoping to play this week? Anything releasing tomorrow that is on your radar?

Thank you for sticking with me, friends. I hope to have better things to report on all fronts sooner than later. Cheers.

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  1. I’m sorry to hear you’re still feeling sick Rebekah, I hope you feel better soon and get some relief and gaming time.

    I played a little more Red Dead Redemption over the weekend. The story is still pretty good and I’m enjoying traversing the wilderness until I get attacked by packs of wolves. There must have been around 12 attacking me at one point and it wasn’t even nighttime!

    I’m really looking forward to Persona 5! I preordered the deluxe edition over a year ago on Amazon, hopefully it’ll be waiting for me when I get home tomorrow so I can dig into it. I probably won’t be playing anything else until I finish that.

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    • Me too! I’m trying to do everything I can to will myself to feel better. I want to play so many games.

      I’m glad you are enjoying Red Dead, but those wolves sound like a pain.

      I did, too! I can’t wait for it to be here. It seems like it’s been on the way for so long now.


  2. Hey Rebekah! We’re starting to get concerned. Did the Dr. “nail down” a diagnosis or symptoms yet? Just Andromeda for this week; thinking about getting back into Horizon next week to finish it off. I only have a few more missions left. Yay! Hope you get to play something. Even if the game is not a current release.

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    • Nope. I have a lot of symptoms that don’t seem to be adding up and all the tests are coming back negative. It’s weird for sure.

      I hope you enjoy whichever game you choose. :)

      So help me god, I will play something this week even if it makes me vomit.


  3. I hope that you’re feeling better soon! I’m thinking good thoughts for your health! Over the weekend, I sunk my gaming time into Mass Effect Andromeda. And…I like it…I do. It’s just not the near perfect Mass Effect game game I was expecting and that’s disappointing. I’m all for world building but the conversations with every single character are endless. Exploring planets is exhausting because the map is strangely buried in the menus and the UI’s map gives no sense of distance from the marker. Today I took a break in favor of Overwatch. For this week, I’ve a few work deadlines and in between I’d liked to squeeze in the new episode of The Walking Dead, Season 3.

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    • Me too. I’ve actually been WORSE the last few days which seems impossible but it’s true. BLAH.

      All good thoughts are appreciated!

      I’m sorry to hear Mass Effect didn’t come out as you’d hoped. I think you are far from alone in that (from what I’ve heard). With all the time they had to develop it, it seems strange that it wasn’t better.

      I totally forgot that the new Walking Dead episode came out. I hope you enjoy it!


  4. It seems like you should have gotten over this a long time ago, but I hope you feel better soon.

    OH YEAH! Persona 5 drops tomorrow!

    When I’m not playing Persona 5, I’ll be playing Strange Journey, which I might be close to finishing soon.

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  5. Health is always the most important. Take good care of yourself, don’t hesitate to reach out to friends and loved ones for support. (I’m sure you’ve heard those before, but if you’re like me, you need to hear them as often as possible). We’re all rooting for you (both health wise and gaming wise).

    Scott :-)

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    • Scott! I hope you are well!

      I agree, health is the most important thing. I also hate being a burden on people, so asking for help isn’t something I love. I am entirely fortunate that my partner is so supportive.

      Thank you for the rooting! I could use it!


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