The Erratic Stops Of The Hype Train

I am no stranger to the infectious excitement of others, but I feel like I used to be able to successfully avoid the hype train.

Now, I find myself getting swept away by the excitement of games I never would have predicted.

Case in point: Horizon: Zero Dawn. I hadn’t been excited for it at any point until it released and the reviews started popping up. Once people started playing the game and the excitement reached fever pitch, I found myself swept up in it. If I hadn’t been sick for months, I have no doubt I would have already played through it by now.

But some games, like Mass Effect: Andromeda, while I know plenty of people and outlets who are beyond excited for it, continues to unmove me. It’s not that I am averse to space or sci-fi games (most of you are aware of my mad passion for Destiny); something about it just doesn’t click for me. I even watched a livestream yesterday of the first two hours and I couldn’t rustle up any interest.

Even if I’m not feeling it for a game, I like to watch gameplay and see what it’s all about. I’ve been surprised in the past, and I’d hate to not experience something just because it didn’t fall into my preferred wheelhouse. I love the surprise of playing a game I had no expectations for and enjoying the heck out of it.

For me, playing a new game when it comes out, particularly if it is a single player experience, is like going to an awesome party where everyone is dancing but they are all wearing headphones. It’s a strangely connecting, and definitively singular, experience.

If the game is multiplayer, then that adds another entire layer to the equation. Gathering with friends in a digital space is one of my favorite activities.

This is probably also why I love the friends features on various systems. I find myself looking through who is online and what they are playing. I love the “What’s New” feature on PlayStation, as well. I’ve found my excitement for various games build when I see others playing it.

Basically, I love it when people enjoy games and I love the resulting excitement.

Persona 5 releases next month, and it’s a game I’m not sure I’d have ever been interested in were it not for the nearly universal praise of Persona 4 Golden. I am awfully fond of Japanese culture, but I’ve never played a Persona game before. The more I see and hear of Persona 5, the more excited I get. I’ve never been huge into turn based combat, but that only adds to my interest. I like having those fresh experiences outside my comfort zone. I like expanding my interests as a gamer.

Do you find yourself often or occasionally swept away by the hype train? Has it ever introduced you to a game (or genre) you might not have played otherwise? Or do you like to go radio silent for new games and have the experience entirely fresh for yourself?

I am all kinds of interested to find out. Let’s talk!

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  1. If it’s a game I know I’ll like I always get on board the hype train. For me I find it heightens the overall experience with the game. It’s a great way to engage with other fans to and the surrounding hype can be exhilarating.

    I’ve only been burned once for a game on the hype train and that was for Aliens colonial Marines. I was so excited for that game and when it came out I was so dejected.

    With that said I’ll gladly take the bad eggs like that because most of the time the game turns out fine and being so excited about a game only makes it better.

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    • I agree!

      Oh gosh, I don’t think anyone knew how bad Aliens Colonial Marines was going to be. But I’m right there with you. Even if some duds end up sneaking in there, the excitement is absolutely worth it.


  2. Video game hype trains are the best, I love the feeling of excitedly playing through a game while others are doing the same. The hype train has convinced me to buy games that I otherwise wouldn’t have played. Sometimes I enjoy the game, sometimes I don’t but I can usually understand why others like it. The hype around Resident Evil 7: Biohazard was so strong that I considered buying the game but I had to firmly remind myself that I don’t enjoy horror games, especially grotesque horror. I settled with watching gameplay online until I had my fill. Personally, I’m bursting with hype for Mass Effect Andromeda. For me, the Mass Effect universe was the first game that I played that felt like I was “allowed into” the universe and I just loved it. The cast of characters had women, a character with a disability, characters of various sexual orientations, and that classic science fiction set up of trying to find peace amongst varied alien species. I hadn’t experienced that kind of universe in a video game before and it was just the most fun experience.

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    • I love that! I love that excitement has gotten you to play games you might not have otherwise. I love that feeling!

      You have a lot of solid points for the Mass Effect series. I’m so excited for everyone who is excited for it. Less than a week now!


  3. The hype surrounding Mass Effect 2 is what got me into the game & genre. i am the better for it. I’m excited for Andromeda. Sorry to hear that Andromeda doesn’t pique your interest. :(To each his own, right?!

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    • I just love when people are excited about games. Mass Effect may not be up my alley, but that’s okay! This year has already had a zillion good games released and hopefully this is yet another one!


  4. Mass Effect is an interesting one. I feel like in the last couple of months I was hearing a lot of critics express a difficulty getting excited for Andromeda. I think part of that is that it has an all new cast of characters. Fans of the series have had several years to get used to the next game returning to places and characters that they grew close to already. In that way it’s hard to compare the hype for Andromeda to the hype for ME2 or ME3. It would be more appropriate to compare the hype to that of the first game, except that the first game was something new and fresh while Andromeda could be seen as “same old, but prettier”. Does that make sense?

    What I really love about Mass Effect as well as Dragon Age is how well Bioware tackles the issues facing those worlds. I firmly believe Mass Effect correctly predicts the end of humanity’s struggle with sexism,racism, and many other prejudices by introducing aliens. We will stop hating each other when there is a new thing we can unite to hate together as a species. Sad, but I think true. Dragon Age has its Mages vs Templars conflict that presents two valid sides with merit for each. In short, it’s the character interactions and world politics of Bioware’s games that hook me, regardless of genre or setting.

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    • You have a lot of interesting theories. I do like how inclusive they have made the universe (as far as sexuality, race, etc.), but I’ve never actually gotten into the games, myself.

      I know the game hasn’t reviewed as well as many would like, but I still hope people enjoy it.


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