Status Report: Week Eleven (Tiny Digital Progress!)

To get the boring part of this week out of the way early, yes, I’m still sick, and last week I was at my doctor’s office three times for more tests. I still have severe bronchitis, and hopefully the other coinciding sickness is figured out sooner than later when my next batch of test results are back.

I’ve been averaging about 16 hours of sleep a day, and, beyond that, I still haven’t felt up to playing games on the television.


I had a thought yesterday that maybe, just maybe, I could play something on my 3DS, so I booted up Pokemon Sun and started going after those Ultra Beasts (I only have one left to find and catch!)! This was the first real gaming I’d done in two months! Sure, I only felt like I could play for an hour or so, but I was so pleased to be able to play anything at all, I’d call it a win! I mean, just look at all the exclamation marks in this paragraph!

So while I haven’t touched so many of the new releases I’ve wanted to, nor finished any of the older games I’m partway through, I’d call that an inkling of digital progress!

And I started thinking that if I can handle a short session of Pokemon Sun, then maybe I can handle short sessions of another game.

The first to come to mind? Stardew Valley.

I’ve read that it’s addictive and time consuming and I’m hoping that if I start it I don’t fail out from all the sleeping I’ve been doing, but it seems like the kind of game I might be able to partake in. So it’s definitely on the table.

Also, I think I just might cave in and get Night in the Woods after all. I think I could try to play a text based game, certainly more than I could handle playing a shooter or an adventure game at the moment.

So you see, I have a teensy bit of hope on the gaming front. I’m glad I pushed myself to play some Pokemon Sun!

I was about to say that I was glad the major releases are slowing down a bit, but then I remembered that Persona 5 comes out in just a few weeks…yikes! And I know there are lots of folks out there who are eagerly awaiting Mass Effect: Andromeda and that’s even closer!

I sincerely believe this year is going to be one of the best in history for great games. And we aren’t even halfway through!

With that I ask: what will you be playing this week? Are you finishing up current games? Are you getting ready for Mass Effect: Andromeda or Persona 5? Or are you playing older games from your backlog?

Also, when you are sick, are you still able to game? Or are games hard for you to play when you are sick?

I never thought I’d have problems playing games while sick, but this current thing often has me dizzy and I have trouble concentrating on things moving around on the screen. You would think two months stuck to a couch would have given me ample time to catch up, but it’s done the complete opposite.

Please regale me with your gaming exploits; they cheer me in these dark times when I’m playing almost nothing.

Cheers, friends.

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  1. Any progress is still progress, so congratluations on Pokemon Sun.
    I had the opportunity to play ghost wildlands. It was a day free rental with a 20 or 30 minute download & update.The two hours of gaming wasnt the best representation of what the game has to offer. So, would the gold edition get me better gear out of the box?
    At $99 I really want to enjoy the game.
    Get better soon.

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    • Hey, I will take the progress where I can get it.

      I played the Ghost Recon beta and it just felt like it was missing something. It felt impersonal and empty and that’s when I cancelled my pre-order. If you weren’t feeling what you played in the demo, I’d say save your money and wait for a game you ARE interested in.

      And thank you. I’m working on it.


  2. I’m glad you got to play something. Still playing Horizon and at the rate I’m going I won’t be finished before Andromeda releases,I do plan on getting P5 but not right away.

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  3. I never really enjoyed playing video games while sick…I usually have less patience and reflexes, so I like to watch stuff when I’m sick. When I play, I go for short sessions…half hour or so, just to get out of the bed a bit.It also gives me weird nightmares! I remember playing Saints Row while sick once and I had this night full of nightmares, I couldn’t close my eyes without seeing the menus and the game map in my head and I had to take over the other gangs territories…it was so nerd, weird and awful!

    When I was sick for two weeks last month I played a lot of Yakuza 0, though. But I basically only did side missions and side stuff which were easier things to do…going through menus and dialogues, and not a lot of fights, so most of the time I played from my bed. And no nightmares!

    Get better soon!

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    • That makes a lot of sense to me, actually. I’m sure my reflexes are complete garbage right now!

      Oh my gosh, how weird about the nightmares! And I’m glad Yakuza 0 didn’t give you any!

      Thank you. :)


  4. I’m glad that you got a little bit of gaming in. I think Stardew Valley and Night in the Woods are great choices while you’re still feeling sick. I haven’t played Night in the Woods but Stardew Valley was really fun and good in either short bits or extended sessions.

    I was playing a bit more Pokémon Moon and just finished the third island. My team has served me pretty well so far. I don’t know how much of the main story is left but I’m really surprised by how involved it is. Other than that Breath of the Wild and Red Dead Redemption are in the current rotation until Persona 5 releases.

    I can usually game while sick, but it depends on what I came down with and even then I’ll usually play a slower paced game like Zelda or Fallout or anything that can be stopped quickly. I hope you feel better soon!

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    • Thank you, me too! And I’m hoping I can stomach either of those options.

      You are actually getting close to finishing the story (if I recall correctly). And you have some solid games on the table!

      That makes A LOT of sense to me right now! And thank you!


  5. I concur with Colton on Horizon; still trucking thru it. Looking forward to Mass Effect. Those might be keeping me busy until May. Ijs! Glad to hear you were able to play something. It’s about time, no offense! Do you know when the other test results may come back?

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  6. Congrats on making progress on getting better, may you only continue to heal! I’m glad that you were able to play something. May gaming help you heal! I enjoy wrapping myself up in a blanket and playing games when I don’t feel well. But when I’m truly stuck in fetal position sick, games are awful. During this week, I’ll sneak in some Overwatch matches as well as wrap up tombs and side quests in Rise of the Tomb Raider. Note to self, trying to work in-between Overwatch rounds makes me a bad teammate.

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    • Thank you! I still feel as gnarly as ever, but it was SO NICE to play something, even for a brief period!

      I’m imagining you playing, burrito-style, in front of a television while surrounded by stuffed animals…is that correct? :)

      I super hear you on when the sick is intense and games are just off the table. That’s pretty much been my situation. Last night, for instance, I went to bed incredibly early because I made the mistake of thinking I could vacuum and it made me physically miserable. I was literally moaning in pain. No good.

      How has Overwatch been treating you? How are you liking Tomb Raider?


  7. Good for you! A small amount of gaming is better than no gaming. Hopefully you’ll be getting over this soon, you have a lot of catching up to do.

    Persona 5 is less than a month away! I know I’ll be diving into that one as soon as I can!

    Resident Evil 7 has been great so far, It’s been occupying a lot of my game time lately. Still making progress in Strange Journey and Tokyo Mirage Sessions, slow and steady.

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    • Absolutely! I was so grateful for my teeny reprieve from gamelessness.

      Oh my gosh, I’m so excited for Persona 5. Did you see the new free PS4 theme and avatars? You should check them out on the PlayStation store!

      I’m glad you are making progress in so many games!


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