Status Report: Week Seven (This Must Be The Plague)


I am still sick. The last several days saw my condition worsen (which worried me), and today I will be contacting my doctor for sure. This full body nonsense is not only out of control, but it’s been out of control a few weeks too long.

I hope it’s not actually the plague.

I haven’t played anything. Nothing. Zilch. I’ve wanted to, holy heck have I wanted to, yet I’ve rarely found myself in an upright position long enough to do anything other than lament how horrible I feel. I’ve barely been eating and I’ve now consumed enough Squirt soda to last me forever.

I’ve still yet to get some soup, but I’m sure, one day, I will get soup again.

I’ve been watching (and listening to) an awful lot of Netflix, namely a forensics show (that isn’t helping me sleep), and lots of crappy horror movies. Since I love horror movies, this has been the only decent thing about my plague.

I’ve also been listening to a lot of Game Informer’s older Super Replays (Raw Danger and Blue Stinger are often in the rotation) while I lay down and try to keep my head from exploding everywhere.

Other than that, I have nothing to report. I’ve barely been keeping up with game news, as I’m only at my computer when I am writing, and I’ve only been doing that when necessary. Otherwise, I’ve been cementing my status as a couch (and bed) barnacle. I hope to one day drive a car again and see something outside of a one block radius.

So while I would love to regale you with all the luscious games I’ve been playing and what I think of them, I can’t. I’ve looked longingly across the room at Resident Evil 7, Yakuza 0, Titanfall 2, and Stardew Valley, wishing desperately that random dizziness didn’t make me want to hurl all over the place. If I could play games through this, it wouldn’t be nearly as bad.

Stupid plague.

Please tell me all about the wonderful games you’ve been playing as well as the ones you are planning on playing this week. I would love to hear about it.

And, with that, back to being horizontal I go. Yay?

P.S. For those of you who have asked, I won’t be buying tickets to E3 today, as I will be staying at my home base to cover it digitally via the livestreams. But I would love, love, LOVE to go one day in person.

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  1. Hey Rebekah! Glad to hear you’re going to see your doctor. I’ll be finishing up Knack; hopefully, starting a second playthrough of Wolf Among Us this week. Looking forward to Horizon Zero Dawn in a few weeks. :)

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    • I will be going to see my doctor, but I couldn’t get an appointment until the end of the month. Darn.

      Are you liking Knack? I’m actually getting a little excited for Horizon, myself once I heard it compared to Far Cry.


  2. Here’s to the doctor helping you feel better! I’m sending well wishes your way! I too have cycled back into this nefarious plague and bought a new round of Mucinex over the weekend. My own personal stress continues but my wife and I celebrated Valentines Day by spending the day at the comic book store (we had a comic book themed wedding). It just so happened to also be Pro Day at GameStop. I bought her a couple of t-shirts and toys while I scavenged for a good game deal (I came away with Wasteland 2 for the Xbox One). When I had the opportunity for gaming, I cracked open Gears of War 4 for the good old stress reliever of chainsawing aliens into pieces (plus I’d just purchased a Gears of War 4 t-shirt). And so, a wonderful weekend all around.

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    • Ugh, I’m so sorry to hear you are also still unwell. :( I hope we both improve sooner than later. I did manage to get an appointment with my doctor, but I couldn’t get an appointment to see her until the end of the month. Boo.

      You had a comic book themed wedding?! How wonderful! It only makes sense you celebrated that way, then. :)


  3. I’m sorry to hear you’re still feeling sick Rebekah, I hope whatever this is clears up soon! I loved the Raw Danger Super Replay, I never saw the Blue Stinger one though. Over the weekend, I played some Gears 4 multiplayer since they had a special event for Valentine’s Day. Nothing lets you feel the love more than shooting each other with arrows that explode into pink hearts and glitter among the chunks of gore.

    I also played some more Pokemon Moon. I’m enjoying it a lot! I’m still trying to create a team with enough diverse types; right now I’ve got a Wingull, my Dartrix starter (who I wanted to nickname Dr. Hoot because of the bow tie), Butterfree, Kadabra, Pikachu and a Poliwag. I’m trying to fill out the roster a bit more, but the starting islands have too many birds and bugs.

    For upcoming games, I was hoping to get a copy of Nioh but they’re sold out on Amazon and I checked a couple of GameStops too with no luck. I have Berserk and the Band of the Hawk preordered and am looking forward to that as well as Breath of the Wild. I hope you feel better soon!

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    • Thank you, Brian, I would LOVE to get better like…immediately. I was able to get an appointment with my doctor, but, sadly, it’s not until the end of the month. Boo.

      Oh my gosh, that sounds like ridiculous fun. I still need to pick up Gears 4, myself.

      I hear you about Pokemon Sun/Moon. It took me a while to build a robust team, and I still didn’t have a diverse enough one when I fought the final trainers. It was tough.

      I can’t find a copy of Nioh, either! Amazon is out and there are no GameStops within 20 miles from me that have one. It’s kind of amazing.

      It’s hard to believe Breath of the Wild will be here so soon!


  4. I sure hope that this doesn’t turn out to be anything too serious, I hope that you feel better soon. As for games I’m playing, I’m making great progress in my Strange Journey. I’m currently at sector 4 of 8 (I believe), most of the time I spend bolstering my demon ranks. When I’ve had my fill of that bleak world, I turn on Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE. The sudden turn from grim dark to super happy fun time is infinitely amusing to me.

    Keep your chin up! Don’t let this thing beat you!

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    • Thank you, me too. I was able to book an appointment with my doctor, it just unfortunately won’t be until the end of the month. Darn.

      How is Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE? It looks like so much fun, I just never picked it up because I rarely use my Wii U.

      I am trying to remain as positive as possible!


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