Status Report: Week Five (Stress Barfiness)


It’s going to be a short one, ladies and gentlemen. I’m not feeling so hot.

This past week was a stressful one, and I was already under the weather. Add the two together, and I’m struggling to sit upright while I write this. I keep reminding myself that more sweet rest is coming once I ralph out some words.

All that being said, you can probably guess that I didn’t do much gaming in the past week. Over the weekend especially, I was often either asleep or curled in a ball on the couch trying not to throw up the collective six crackers I ate. I would go from, holy hell I’m hungry to, oh dear god, eating is the worst idea, in a matter of moments, and forcing myself to eat anything has had varying results.

Fortunately, there has been no actual barf, just many barfy feelings to go with the rotating hot and cold spells.

Whatever this is, I’m not a fan.

I tried to play games during the week, but I felt like I couldn’t focus on everything I needed to (when you don’t feel well, HUDs can be tricky), so I often just laid there and listened to either Netflix or YouTube.


I did manage to play the first few hours of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard and some more Titanfall 2.

So far, I’m just not feeling Resident Evil 7. Perhaps once I get back to it things will click into place, but for now, I’m on the fence.

Titanfall 2, on the other hand, is the best Call of Duty campaign I’ve ever played.

In all seriousness, the campaign is better than any Call of Duty I’ve played, and I believe I’ve played them all except for Advanced Warfare and Infinite Warfare (I have both and have yet to play them). It’s smooth, engaging, and I’m having a great time with it. Which probably explains why I didn’t want to play it unless I could really concentrate on it. I’m excited to go back and finish.

With that I ask: what have you been playing? What do you plan on playing this week?

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a bed calling to me. I must heed the call.

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  1. I finished Watch Dogs 2 over the weekend so know I can focus on Final Fantasy XV and some Overwatch. Titanfall’s 2 campaign is a blast. Sorry you’re not feeling well.

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  2. Rebekah, hope you feel better soon. Been playing Knack; plan to restart Tomb Raider; I also want to get back into Wolf Among us for the platinum. Lastly, I played the For Honor beta. I like the tone; I’ll make a final decision once the reviews have come in as to whether I’ll purchase the game.

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  3. I share in your pain. I’ve been blasting my system with Mucinex hoping for relief after over a month of an incessant and severe cold. Feel better! I spent the weekend in Dishonored 2. I never played Dishonored’s DLC and I feel that I’m missing the impact of big story beats which is disappointing (the Dishonored Definitive Edition that was packaged with Dishonored 2 wasn’t released until Dishonored 2 shipped). There’s a lot that I love in Dishonored 2 but I’m feeling that Dishonored was a stronger overall game. I’ve one more mission left and I’m ready to move onto a different game but I’m not sure what (XCOM 2, Gears of War 4 or any number of unfinished titles). Meanwhile, my gaming is interspersed with Overwatch matches as I vie for Lunar loot crates but I’m happily past the Overwatch addiction of playing matches incessantly. I did get the Junkrat Lunar skin!

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    • Oh my gosh, are you okay? Have you been to the doctor? I’m so sorry you’ve been sick for so long!

      I actually didn’t play the first game’s DLC either, so I’m wondering how much I will miss. But I’m glad you are so close to the end. From what I played of Dishonored 2, I also felt the first game was stronger.

      Hey, that’s great! Do you play Junkrat often?


  4. I hope you’re feeling better Rebekah. I started Resident Evil 7 as well. My initial thoughts are that I’m enjoying it, but I think the design is really leaning heavily for VR. The atmosphere is great, yet the scares seem tailor made for those wearing the PSVR. I also started my journey through Pokemon Moon and am enjoying that as well.

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    • Thank you! I’m working on it…though it hasn’t made any difference yet.

      I agree with you. Of the scares I saw before I stopped, they all seemed to be well set up for a VR situation.

      And I hope you enjoy your time in Alola! I loved Pokemon Sun, and I hope Moon is just as wonderful.


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