Perception Coming To PS4 In 2017


I initially wrote about Perception a year and a half ago, and yesterday I learned something wonderful: Perception will be coming to PS4 in 2017!

Perception is being made by The Deep End Games, a developer comprised of veterans of the BioShock and Dead Space series, so one thing to be counted upon here is atmosphere.

Within this survival horror experience, you play as Cassie; she is blind and must navigate her surroundings by sound.

The concept alone is unnerving.

I love backing Kickstarter games, and it is especially wonderful when the finished products come to consoles, too. My laptop struggles with games just slightly more complicated than Minesweeper, so PC gaming is generally out for me.

You can bet I will be playing Perception on PS4.

Have you ever backed any games on Kickstarter? If so, which one/s?

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  1. I can’t stop being sick! And it’s raining! But it’s Friday and so rant over. I wasn’t aware of Perception. What bothers me is that there is a huge dearth of accessible games for people with low vision and who are blind. I hope that this game takes the leap into being accessible for the players that inspired its protagonist by including audio descriptions, audio menus, etc…

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    • Aww, I’m sorry to hear that! I hope you feel better as soon as humanly possible!

      Hey, that’s a really solid point. So solid I think you should write to the developers (I’m serious, here) to bring that up. If they don’t have those things included, I’m guessing they would love that sort of feedback to incorporate those options into the game if they can.

      Seriously, please think about writing to them. Those are solid thoughts.


  2. That’s great to hear that Perception is coming to the PS4! The game looks so clever and inventive in the way that it’s offering a completely new type of experience. I’m very much looking forward to it.

    While I haven’t backed any Kickstarter projects I have bought games that were funded that way. I really should look into funding something though as I think it’s a cool way to do things. In other news, you can find me scrolling through Kickstarter projects for the next hour. :P

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    • I hope you have fun! I’ve come across some super neat games that way. I’ve also missed out on Kickstarter projects I would have totally backed, but I didn’t know about them in time. One of those is for a game I’ve written about called Pathologic (a friend told me about it years ago and that it’s ridiculously difficult to get to the end of and psychologically bizarre), which is actually getting a total overhaul and will be coming to consoles and PC.

      I can’t wait to play Perception. It looks entirely unique. And scary. And awesome.


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