Status Report: Week One (Fresh Start!)


Happy new year! Hard to believe, but 2017 is finally upon us. New year = new content. Let’s discuss.

Every Monday, replacing my weekly game challenge updates, will now be “Status Report.” This will be a weekly update on what I’m playing and what I think about it. Basically, it will be very similar to my game challenge updates, but with far less failure.

I hope.

I will also be more active on the review front. This means I will be trying to get at least one review out each month, ideally more. I’ve heard from several people that they would like to see more reviews, and I’m hearing this loud and clear. I will make sure I come across with those particular goods.

Also! I’ve talked about my streaming plans and I hope to have that up and running by the time March rolls around! Right now the tentative plan is to stream newer games each Tuesday evening for a couple of hours. I’m also hoping to be able to include several of you in streaming co-op games, so please let me know if that appeals to you.

The streaming will be once a week, at least at first. If things go well and the interest is there, I’m more than willing to consider streaming more than once a week.

All that being said, everything else will still be on schedule: new pieces every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Cheers for continuity, and cheers for growth!

Now, on to games!

While I was away on holiday, I genuinely thought I’d find the time to play games on my Vita, but all I did was check in here and there in Pokemon Sun on my 3DS. I would stop by Poke Pelago a couple times a day, but that was the extent of it.

I played a bit of Pokemon Go here and there, and actually found several Pokemon I’d never seen before, so that was exciting! I also ended up in a few places where there were a ridiculous amount of PokeStops so I made sure to stock up on supplies while I could.

And that’s really it. I wanted to play through The Last Guardian before the end of the year, but that didn’t happen. It probably didn’t help that the wiring of our fire alarms decided to short out the day after we returned to town and it was like being inside a completely random air raid testing ground. Sometimes an hour would go by, sometimes minutes, and an ear splitting alarm would go off for about fifteen seconds at a time. It was particularly fun at night while trying to sleep. Nevermind that it scared the crap out of the dog.

Needless to say, not much sleep was had and it was difficult to concentrate on anything. I didn’t want to start what I knew would be a serious game while potentially having the experience ruined for me by technical nonsense.

Hopefully the alarms will be fixed today and life can go back to normal.

My gaming goals for the week are to play through The Last Guardian as well as Titanfall 2. I think that’s entirely doable and I’m looking forward to getting caught up. The next big game that I’m interested in doesn’t release until the 24th (Resident Evil 7: Biohazard), so that gives me three solid weeks to knock out some of my backlog. And that’s always a good thing.

This year I’m hoping to pre-order less and get to games in a more timely fashion. It’s not exactly a resolution, rather a practical decision. I’m hoping I can enforce it not only to save money, but to be more diligent about the games I get at launch and then let sit around for months.

So there you have it! I hope the year is kinder both to us, as well as from us, all. Thank you for being here, and I hope to only make that experience better over the coming months.

Happy new year, friends.

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  1. Great blog as usual,Rebekah! Looking forward to seeing the content from you. I plan to be more decisive with my pre-orders. My first doesn’t drop until February. Can you do a blog on the pros/cons of Amazon Prime. Thinking about getting a subscription; I can’t justify the price. Thoughts?


    • Thank you, Richard! I hope the updated content pleases. :)

      I’m hoping I can be more shrewd with my pre-orders as well. I was just awful last year.

      As for Amazon Prime, I’m not sure I’m the most impartial person to do that. I had a lot of trouble with them last year, mainly from the end of summer on. Things arriving days late, or things saying they had been attempted for delivery but had not. And then my collector’s edition of The Last Guardian was jerked all over the place. It was frustrating. I do think the cost is high for what they provide now, and I feel like they sink a lot of money into their programming. I think they are making interesting shows, but they need to overhaul their app for viewing them; it’s a flawed interface for sure.

      So…I don’t know. A lot of me wants to just default to GameStop again. The people at our local store are wonderful and I like supporting them.

      Sorry for the tangent!


      • Rebekah,thanks for being honest. I’ll stick with Gamestop. I like their trade deals, rewards program, & their weekly ads. What do you think about GameStop’ app? I use it when pricing games in store; checking my store credit.


        • I’ve tried using the app but I’ve never liked it much. I just look at the emails they send me and look at the ads from there.

          I’ve never used it for checking what I will get for a game, actually. I usually always do my trades through Amazon, but I’m even rethinking that.


  2. I’m looking for to all the new content you have planned. Best of luck to you!

    Also, you can check out my top 10 games of 2016 on GIO. (shameless self-promotion)

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  3. You’ve a solid plan! I look forward to your 2017 content! Over the holiday, I played way too much Overwatch trying to unlock the holiday skins (I got Lucio’s and Tracer’s). I finally hit level 25 and played a couple of placement matches before I was forced to admit that I must sleep in order go back into work today. I’ve been playing as Soldier 76, Ana, and Reinhardt. Perhaps I’ll take a break from my Overwatch binge or perhaps not. I too want to restrict my new game purchases to games that I’ll play shortly after buying. And so, I’ve no games to play now except what I already own and that’s more than enough.


    • In theory, perhaps! But I’m hoping to really stick to it.

      And thank you! Here’s hoping I don’t f*ck it all up. :)

      Nice work on getting to level 25 and working on your placement matches! I’ve never played Ana, but Soldier and Reinhardt are awesome. :)


  4. I like the sound of your plans for the new content moving forward! Placing a greater focus on reviews is a great direction to take with your writing and I look forward to reading about your thoughts in that format.

    Also, have fun with both The Last Guardian and Titanfall 2!

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  5. I’m looking forward to all your new content Rebekah! I managed to finish Ico over New Year’s Weekend and I just started Shadow of the Colossus. I’m also hoping to get to The Last Guardian sooner than later. For the new year, I’m trying to focus on making progress in my backlog and also do my best to make new game purchases priorities so the backlog doesn’t keep growing. Happy new year!

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