My Top Ten Most Anticipated Games Of 2017


It’s that time. The end-of-the-year-looking-forward-to-next-year time when everything seems rosy and possible and exciting. Though, to be fair, I kind of feel that way most of the time about upcoming titles.

So, I thought I’d throw my hat in the ring and make a top ten list of my most anticipated titles for 2017.

In order of scheduled release date, here we go!


Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Since the E3 reveal trailer, I was all in for this game. We’ve learned a lot more about the game itself since then, and I’m only ever more intrigued. I am looking forward to exploring the Baker plantation for myself next month.



Yakuza 0

I’ve never played a Yakuza game, but I’ve always intended to. Yakuza 0 is my point of entry and I’m terribly excited to get my hands on it.



Ghost Recon: Wildlands

As of right now, Ghost Recon: Wildlands is my most anticipated title of 2017. I’m already excited to explore the world with friends and to see the activities on offer. Ubisoft isn’t flawless, but they’ve offered up some excellent moments in gaming and I’m hoping Wildlands only adds to that.

Exotic locations certainly don’t hurt.



Persona 5

I’ve only ever played a smidge of any given Persona game, but 5 has my interest piqued. The art style, the characters, and the gameplay fascinate me. Come April, I will be all about diving in to this title.




Platformers may not be my bread and butter, but this game looks more adorable every time I see it. Also, a chameleon and a bat having adventures together? Sign me up, please!



Summer 2017

I recall reading about this game a couple of times over the past year and each time I found myself more and more curious. It’s the type of game I want to go into with as little foreknowledge as possible.



Fall 2017

Years ago a friend told me about the original Pathologic, a strange and difficult to classify game that was created by Russian studio Ice-Pick Lodge. At best I can tell you that it sounds like psychological horror, but in the most desperate and unnerving way possible. I’ve always been fascinated, yet it was only available on PC (and I don’t have a PC that can run games). When I found out it was being completely overhauled by Ice-Pick and scheduled for release on PC as well as consoles, I was beside myself with video game joy.

I am incredibly excited to finally experience this one for myself.



Destiny 2

As many of you know, I adore Destiny. It stands to reason that I will be right there to experience Destiny 2 the moment it goes live.

We don’t know much of anything concrete about it yet, but whatever Bungie decides to do, I will be right there for it.



What Remains of Edith Finch

I feel like no matter how much I read about this game, I still have no idea what it really entails.

I kind of love that.

It’s another title I don’t want to know too much about before I dive in whenever it releases.




This is yet another game I know nearly nothing about other than that it has a unique and beautiful aesthetic and I can’t wait to play it for myself to see exactly what it’s all about. I love having only an inkling about certain games and then discovering all about them once I dive in.


And there you have it! With that I ask: what games are you most looking forward to in 2017?

The next time we meet, it will be after the new year, so allow me to wish you a safe and prosperous new year filled with good health and amazing games. Cheers to 2017!

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  1. My most anticipated game is Mass Effect Andromeda. Other games I’m looking forward to are Horizon Zero Dawn,Persona 5,Red Dead Redemption 2 and The Last of Us Part 2.

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    • I still can’t believe I forgot Red Dead Redemption from this list! I must be out of sorts!

      I’m not sure The Last of Us Part II will release this year. At the panel, it sounded like it was going to be more in the 2018 realm. But who knows?

      As for the other games, they are all shaping up to be excellent. I think this year is going to be stellar for games. I really do.


        • I think people would be really pleased, but I think it is probably headed for either 2018 or 2019. Especially with Uncharted 4 releasing in 2016, I can’t imagine they will have a full release ready to ship anytime in the next 12 months. It just doesn’t seem like Naughty Dog’s style.


    • I agree with Colton for the most part. I would add For Honor, Ghost Recon, Tekken 7, & Horizon Zero Dawn. Of course, Mass Effect: Andromeda tops my 2017 list. I forgot Uncharted: Lost Legacy.

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      • I’m cautiously optimistic about Horizon. I hope it turns out well.

        But I still haven’t forgiven Guerrilla Games for that after the credits mission in Killzone Shadow Fall. Oof.


  2. My most anticipated would have to be Mass Effect: Andromeda. I also look forward to Absovler, Ghost Recon Wildlands, the next Red Dead, and For Honor.

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  3. I’m really looking forward to Persona 5, It’s my most anticipated game. After playing the Resident Evil 7 Demo, that game looks to be creepy joyride.

    Happy new year!

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    • It looks SO COOL! Every time I see something new about it, I just get more excited. I was disappointed it slipped from February to April, but what can you do?

      I can’t believe RE7 will be here in just a few weeks!


  4. I already put my 5 bucks down on Red Dead Redemption 2. Ghost Recon wildlands also shares my number one spot.
    Happy New Year!

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    • Red Dead Redemption 2 looked beautiful in the announcement trailer but I’m looking forward to hearing (and seeing) more about it in the coming months.

      Ghost Recon looks amazing. Time to brush up on my Tom Clancy skills.


  5. Happy New Year! May you have your most splendid year yet! I’m grateful that the only game in 2017 I absolutely must have at launch is Mass Effect Andromeda. The inclusive space odyssey was my favorite franchise on the Xbox 360. However, I’ll be able to stick with my resolution to buy less games at release. Of course, I’ll wait and see on a few games. For Prey, I need proof that it’s not simply “Dishonored in space.” For Red Dead Redemption 2, I never played the original and while I want too I’m not sure that I’ve the time to add in such a long game. For Destiny 2, I need to know more (or anything) about the game and what’s been changed. At the moment, I’m in a Destiny funk wherein I’ve played the same-ish content so much that I need more than higher light levels as motivation to keep playing.

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    • Happy new year to you! And may you also have a glorious year. :)

      I hope Mass Effect Andromeda turns out well; I know there are so many people looking forward to it.

      I think all of your thoughts on the upcoming games are completely valid, particularly with Destiny 2. I am also in that Destiny funk. I tried out The Dawning and only played for that day. It just didn’t hook me. For some reason, everything just reminded me of how ridiculous some of the systems can get and how I’d far rather play other games than d*ck around with getting so many of this one thing or do another 15 sparrow races to unlock another tag from my new record book, etc. It made me almost immediately weary.

      Which is too bad because I love that game.


  6. There are so many cool games to look forward to in the coming year. At the top of my list has to be Mass Effect Andromeda; I love that world so much and I’m eager to explore a whole new part of it. I’m also very excited for Ghost Recon Wildlands, as you said, those locations are stunning and they should serve as quite an engaging setting for this new take on the series. Finally, one more I’ll throw out there is Absolver as it just looks so damn intriguing!

    Here’s to the new year!

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  7. Nice selections, I haven’t heard of a few of these so I’m interested in how they’ll turn out. My top priority game is definitely Persona 5, though Resident Evil 7 is up there too along with Yakuza 0. I haven’t played a Yakuza game either, but I’m sold on anything with an 80’s setting.

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