Gaming While On Holiday: 2016 Edition


Well, it’s that time again, time for me to make the annual pilgrimage back to the minefield that is my hometown. As I pack and prepare, inevitably I think about which handhelds I will bring and which games for those handhelds will make the trip.

I tend to overthink it, but this year, refreshingly, it seems eerily simple.

I will be bringing both my 3DS as well as my PS Vita.

One decision down.

I decided to only bring one game for my 3DS: Pokemon Sun. I even photocopied the entire Pokedex from my collector’s guide just so I could continue to fill out my living Pokedex. I have a pen at the ready to mark off the ones I have and to plan out how to either evolve or obtain the rest.

I see a lot of Wonder Trades in my future.

Also, I can tell already that I will likely log in to Animal Crossing: New Leaf at least once or twice to see Xanadu all decked out for the holiday. Fortunately, it is installed directly to my 3DS so I don’t have to bring an additional cartridge with me.

And for my Vita, the choice of which games to bring (and play) was a snap: two games that came out this year that I’ve yet to get to: Yomawari: Night Alone and Zero Time Dilemma. I can’t wait to experience both, but I’m feeling a pull to Yomawari so I will start there.

I’ve also been putting certain holiday movies on my iPhone (now that I have a relevant phone I can do all these things with it!), and I’m all ready for the plane ride and any low-key downtimes. I have the original Black Christmas, A Christmas Story (which I’ve never seen but always wanted to), and a somewhat recent remake of Silent Night. The original is one of the worst horror movies I’ve ever seen, but my curiosity got the better of me and I had to download this one to see how it compared.

Also, a funny thing I found out, the original Black Christmas and A Christmas Story were both directed by the same person: Bob Clark. They may both be about Christmas, but I highly doubt they are similar!

Oh! And how could I forget Krampus? When I first watched it, I didn’t love it as much as I wanted to (even though I’m a huge fan of one of the director’s prior films, Trick ‘r Treat), but perhaps it actually being the week of Christmas will put me in the mood for it. Who knows? Either way, I’m ready.

I’ve also brought along two books, so no matter what happens, I’m ready to entertain myself. One thing I can say is that I’m never bored; there are just too many things to do!

If you are traveling over the holiday, what are your gaming plans? Will you be toting a handheld? If so, which one? Or will you be sticking to mobile games on your phone? Whether you are traveling or staying home, what are you hoping to play over the holiday weekend?

Bon voyage, friends!

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  1. I can’t do handheld gaming… It messes with my eyes and gives me headaches. Woe is me.

    I’m still in the middle of my Mass Effect run. Made it through the first game, and boy, is it rough going back to it. 2 is still loads of fun though.

    I’ll probably switch off between that and continuing The Evil Within, which is really good so far – I know a lot of people gave it crap, bit I’m not seeing it yet.


    • Wow, really? Even if you are in a stationary location (like home on the couch)? I know some people can’t play/read if they are in a moving thing (e.g.: car, train), but do you think it’s the size of the screen or the angle?

      I’m glad to hear Mass Effect is still fun. I’ve always meant to play through the series.

      I can’t wait to play The Evil Within someday, myself. I’m glad you’re having a good time with that, too!


  2. I’ll be continuing my trek through Spirit of Justice and Ico as well as playing a bit of Overwatch and Gears 4 holiday events. I still haven’t gotten any holiday skins as of yet, but hopefully I can get at least one. I’m not traveling for the holidays, but I’m also not on vacation this year unlike prior years which stinks but I’ll make due.

    Have a great trip and happy holidays!

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    • You are knee-deep in holiday events! And I very much hope you can unlock at least a few of the holiday skins before the event is over.

      Aww, I’m sorry you aren’t on holiday, but hopefully being at home is relaxing and warm! Where I am it is COLD.

      Thank you! Happy Christmas (and any other holiday you might be celebrating)!!


  3. I’m late to the comments (it’s been a hectic week)! Enjoy your travelling game time! The only mobile gaming I do is dabbling with Android games on my phone. Mostly, I read during my commute on the bus, including Game Informer’s magazine. Anyhow, I’m solidly in the Overwatch craze now. I’m doing my best to earn loot boxes because I’ve played so little up until now that my chances at getting the holiday themed gear is small. But I’m having fun playing and working on reaching rank 25. Solider 76 is still my go-to but I’ve branched out to Ana. Also, I just bought a Halo themed Loot Crate in the annual sale of past crates going on sale. Happy Holidays!

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    • You’re never late here; you’re always right on time!

      I’m glad you are enjoying Overwatch! And I hope you have fun with your new Loot Crate. :)

      Happy Christmas!


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