December Game Challenge: Week Three (Have Arrived At Nowhere)


If I had little to report last week, I have even less for this one. My seemingly endless yuck has been present and leaving me feeling so crappy that I’ve yet to play anything on console for two weeks now.


I’ve been resting and laying down quite often, so, occasionally, I will log in to Pokemon Sun to visit Poke Pelago and do simple things, but that’s where the bulk of my gaming has happened. I’ve also occasionally logged in to Pokemon Go, but that’s for only moments here and there.

My big “accomplishment” this week was to finally catch a Dhelmise:


And there’s the little booger. I’m not even joking when I say it took me a collective several hours to get one to finally spawn in the one spot in the game that it shows up. I don’t know why I’m so awfully fond of the strange object Pokemon, but I am, and I’m so pleased to finally have this one. Next on my list is to breed the heck out of it in hopes of getting a good roll on perks.

But really, that’s all I did.

Oh, sure, I logged in to Overwatch to buy (and open) some holiday loot boxes, but I didn’t even play a single match. I haven’t played anything really and I am feeling increasingly weird about it.

I leave for holiday this week, so I’m currently in the getting everything ready crunch, and games seem like the last thing I will be able to get to. I will be taking both my 3DS as well as my Vita, so hopefully I get some good game time in while away. I have two newer releases I’d like to play on my Vita (Yomawari: Night Alone, and Zero Time Dilemma), so I won’t be lacking for games during my travels.

I’m also hoping to convince a family member to download the Jackbox Party Pack 3 on their console in hopes of getting everyone in on the fun during Christmas eve festivities.

So, while I haven’t been gaming, I can see a bit more gaming on the horizon for me. That pleases me greatly.

In the meantime, I will be playing the terribly fun game of getting everything cleaned up and packed.

The one thing I really wanted for Christmas looks like it won’t be happening, and while I’m disappointed, I still hold out hope. The NES Classic Edition is the first thing I’ve really wanted for Christmas in years. It doesn’t hurt that I got my original NES back on Christmas day of 1989, so this time of year always reminds me of that. From the moment the Classic was announced, I had Google alerts for it, and was right there hours before Amazon’s initial batch went up for sale. That was a fiasco, and I was far from alone in my frustrations with how the site handled the situation. I’ve not been lucky finding one at any retail location I’ve been to, but I still hold out hope that I will have one of my very own sooner than later.

I suppose time will tell.

What are you playing this week? What are your holiday gaming plans?

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  1. Just plan to finish Mafia 3 before New Year’s; start Titanfall. Also, I nee to renew my PS+ subscription too.


  2. I’m still working on Ace Attorney Spirit of Justice. I think I’m about halfway through the last case so hopefully I’ll be able to finish that before year end. I started Ico over the weekend in hopes of completing both that and Shadow of the Colossus to get to The Last Guardian at some point. I’m enjoying that so far except the last puzzle I finished with the water wheel was one of the most frustrating parts of the game for me. The worst part was that I ended up dying after finishing it and had to redo it again since my last save was before that point.

    I hope that you feel better and can enjoy both the holidays and some gaming time as well. Have a great trip!


    • Oh wow, you are going back to the beginning of Team Ico. I hope that it gets less frustrating and that you enjoy what remains.

      I just want to get to The Last Guardian before I leave. I know I won’t be able to finish it, but I want to at least start it. I’m so afraid it is going to be spoiled for me.

      And thank you! Happy Christmas!


  3. It sucks that so much of your gaming time is getting ruined by this sickness. As for games I’m playing this week; it’s the usual suspects. Persona 4 Golden. I’ve reached a crucial moment in the story, preparing for incoming feels…

    I’ve also received Kid Icarus: Uprising as a gift from my brothers, and have added that to my current playlist. Hang in there, and have a Merry Christmas.

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    • You’re not kidding!

      I hope you have a good time with P4G! I can’t wait to play that AND P5 (April!). I just need to knuckle down and do it!

      Thank you! Happy Christmas to you, too!


  4. I finished The Last Guardian yesterday! It has its fair share of problems, specially the camera, but it’s one game that I’ll remember forever, it was a real special journey. Trico is now my favorite companion ever! I understand the critics this game received, but at the end of the day the highs makes this one of my favorite games ever. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

    For the rest of the year I have Outland, Just Cause 3, Gears 4, Abzu and Grow Up to play…I hope to have time to finish them all. I’m already playing Outland and I think I will start Gears 4 next in few days.

    Happy Holidays!

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    • Just hearing you talk about The Last Guardian reinforces how much I want to play it. I can’t wait to meet Trico for myself and take that journey.

      You have some good games to look forward to! And a happy Christmas to you!


  5. May your cleaning and packing go quickly and have an absolutely wonderful holiday trip! I’m looking forward to accomplishing work-related tasks all of this week and then simply enjoying the holiday weekend. Overwatch has its hooks in me in my efforts to unlock the holiday skins. Eventually, I’ll have to play a character other than Solider 76 but I’m scared too. In a match this morning, a D Va spammed the message to group up on her and when we did we came back from a losing round to win the match. I’ve endless quests awaiting me in The Witcher 3, including mastering Gwent. When I’m up to the unsettling nature of Inside, I’ll brave it but the water levels are terrifying me. Meanwhile there’ll be holiday celebrations and a general peace leading up to 2017.

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    • You are hardcore to look forward to accomplishing work-related tasks! :) I hope you make much progress on that front.

      If you can play Soldier, you can absolutely play other characters; I believe in you!

      You have a solid lineup of games there. And I like your plan for general peace to round out the year. I hope to take a cue from you there.

      Today I will finish up packing and I sincerely hope to get to at least a few hours of The Last Guardian. I want to meet Trico before Christmas.



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