November Game Challenge: Week Four (POKEMON ALL THE TIME)


I started Pokemon Sun on Saturday afternoon. I woke up Sunday morning with a video game hangover as I stayed up until after 4am, and only then did I put the game down because my 3DS was about to go to sleep regardless of my wishes.

When I finally lurched into bed, I wasn’t tired at all, but my eyes wouldn’t stop watering (another way I know I was up too late; I’m old), and every time I started to drift off, I would see Pokebattles in my head.

No joke. It was like the Tetris phenomenon.

When I woke up Sunday “morning,” all I was thinking was: MORE POKEMON. MUST PLAY MORE POKEMON.

So I did.

I haven’t played a proper Pokemon game since X/Y (I played X), even though I had Alpha Sapphire. And, sure, Pokemon Go is technically a Pokemon game, but it’s not what I would ever refer to as a “proper” Pokemon game.

I just adore the island of Alola. I love the whimsy and the unabashed kindness present in various aspects of the game. I love finding new Pokemon, then catching the ones I’m most excited about and leveling them up. I love the Pokemon Refresh feature (the revised version of Pokemon Amie) where you can build up affection and cure various status ailments. I love the various music tracks and cues. I’m just hooked right now.

My only real complaint has to do with the ridiculous rate of spawns in caves and certain grassy areas. In one cave (not story related) I used a Repel, and it lasted for all of about 30 seconds. To explore this cave, I’m not joking, I ended up battling about thirty wild Pokemon.

Certain patches of grass are very similar. Don’t get me wrong, I want to find new Pokemon as much as the next very moderately obsessed player, but I don’t want to get accosted six times in a small patch of grass just trying to make my way through. That’s a little overboard.

Oh well. It’s the only negative in a sea of positives.

Even as I write this, all I’m thinking is that I want to get back to playing it. I just love it so far.

This past week I’ve been chipping away at Dishonored 2 here and there, but I’m largely still not into it. At one point I just said, “Oh to hell with it” and started killing baddies if they saw me. It’s not like my chaos was dropping anyway.

I did unlock a few more skills and I’m starting to have more fun with it, but I’m still not in to it. Which is weird.

I always attempt to go stealth, but certain stealth-based items are hard to come by and, at times, they don’t seem to work. I would say, no matter how close I am to my target, about one in three sleep darts doesn’t work. They just don’t. Sometimes my skills don’t work. I don’t understand how that is possible unless that’s a “thing” in this entry. It’s awfully frustrating to only be able to carry five sleep darts, and have sometimes two out of that lot be faulty. Those are garbage odds.

So, while I will certainly finish the game (hopefully by the middle of this week), I don’t like it nearly as much as I’d hoped I would. Which is disappointing, but hey, you win some, you lose some. Though that doesn’t quite apply here. More like…some fun, some not so fun. At least for me.

I would also like to get to Titanfall 2 by the end of the week, as well as finally play a little more LittleBigPlanet 3 (out of left field!). My partner and I have no Thanksgiving plans, so I see much gaming in our holiday weekend future.

But, let’s be honest, I will be traipsing around Alola as often as possible. I’m looking forward to building a solid party to battle my way through with.

What are you playing this week? Do you have Thanksgiving gaming rituals or plans? If so, what are they?

With that, off I go to find my 3DS and play probably far too much Pokemon Sun. Cheers, friends.

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  1. I’ll play Pokemon Moon(super addictive),Battlefield 1(Need to finish the campaign) and Overwatch.I don’t have any thanksgiving plans.

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  2. Hey Rebekah! Not sure if I’ll get into any gaming over the holidays. If I have some time; I’ll try to finally get to PvZ:GW. Also, looking at getting Mafia 3 from GameStop’ Black Friday sale. Not sure what other game(s) I may purchase. Perusing GameStop’ site as we speak! Suggestions?

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    • Nice! I hope you have a good time of it!

      Oh gosh, I have no idea. I’ve deliberately kept all the Black Friday stuff at bay. I’d just say if it’s a super good deal and it’s a game you’ve wanted for a while, then go for it!


      • Rebekah! For a price like that. I intend to get both Titanfall 2 & Mafia 3. This would keep me gaming for a while. Also, I still have TT’ Batman series, ep. 4 & RoTR’ DLC, Croft Manor to get through. Thoughts? Also, still working on my blog. Hoping to have it up this weekend. Keep an eye out!

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  3. I’m currently still playing Titanfall 2 and Ace Attorney Spirit of Justice. I picked up Pokemon Moon after reading about it and hearing how much has changed in this entry. I haven’t played a Pokemon game since the original Red version so I’m curious if I’ll like it.

    Other than that, Thanksgiving will consist of a nice family dinner and plenty of football as well as hopefully a long weekend if I don’t have to work. Happy Thanksgiving all!

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  4. I’m hoping for some solid gaming time this holiday weekend. Our only plans are to go out to watch the parade and eat out for dinner which are interspersed with watching football and holiday movies. Plus, I REALLY want some quality gaming time. I’m thinking to try and finally complete The Witcher 2 on Wednesday night and then finally start The Witcher 3 during the weekend. Of course, any number of games could take my attention away. I’m enjoying Dishonored 2 and I’ve managed a low chaos playthrough so far (I’ve just reached the Clockwork Mansion). But I die often in my attempts to be super sneaky and I wish the reload process was much faster. For the game sales, I plan to nab Inside and Virginia as well as a new controller if I can afford it.

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    • Well not only does your weekend sound amazing, but you are about to embark upon The Witcher 3? You are in for a real treat. It’s an amazing game.

      The reload times on Dishonored 2 are merely one of my complaints. I’m still not quite clicking with it.

      Inside and Virginia are both excellent games. As of right now, I think Virginia holds the spot for my favorite game so far this year.


  5. I’m currently playing Persona 4 Golden, and I’m making decent progress in it. I’m going to have a nice Thanksgiving dinner with my family, eat a whole lot of turkey, get sleepy, and pass out.

    I’ve also tried my hand at writing a review recently. Check it out at GIO and tell me what you think. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

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    • Those sound like some nice plans!

      Hey, that’s great!! What did you write a review on? I’m going to go look for it right now!

      And a happy Thanksgiving to you, too!


  6. I started Pokémon too, Moon in my case. It’s a very good and solid game, and some of the new PK are great! I love the new way of battling in “gyms”! It’s just that I’m still heavily in other games too, like World of Final Fantasy! Ahhhggg, I need more gaming time!

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