November Game Challenge: Week Three (Truckin’!)


I’ve been a gaming machine this past week!

As expected, last Monday I finished Rise of the Tomb Raider (for the second time this year!). As before when I completed it on the Xbox One, I felt the last 25% started to drag a bit. I was more than ready to be done by the time the final credits rolled around.

I also played through the Baba Yaga DLC, and I quite liked it, with the exception of a strangely paced boss battle. What I super loved was the celebratory outfit Lara received for finishing the DLC; I now have her running around the wilderness wearing antlers and such. Good times.

I also played what was one of the most absurd games I’ve ever encountered called My Name is Mayo. The entire game consists of clicking on a mayo jar which is occasionally dressed up in weird things like a bikini or a toupee. The only other game I’ve played that might win in an absurdfest is Hatoful Boyfriend, a game that still baffles me.

My only real misstep this week was that I didn’t get to Titanfall 2…yet. Since this week was the return of the Iron Banner in Destiny, I popped in to level up, but I didn’t actually spend all that much time playing Destiny, overall. For the first time in a long while, I’ve been diving in to current games in a big way and I love it! I love having all these new experiences.

Speaking of new experiences…

From the moment it was announced, Dishonored 2 was my most anticipated game, period. Now that I am several hours into the game, I’m not quite sure what to think.

In all fairness, it’s been years since I played the original, which I loved. I approached every encounter with stealth in mind, but it turned out I was just awful at stealth in Dishonored so I ended up having to kill nearly everyone (because I was as good as wearing neon and broadcasting my location) every GD time. I finished the game in unintentional high chaos and little Emily wasn’t in a very good mood.

That being said, I made a sincere goal for the sequel to go as low chaos as possible.

Turns out, I’m still not great at it.

In all fairness, I think there is a little left to be desired in the chaos system. I peacefully put down around half of the bad guys (they just go to sleep, not permanently), and I still finished the first couple of chapters in high chaos. It was more than a little frustrating, especially considering I was making a concerted effort to keep everyone alive.

Also, and I feel a little disappointed even acknowledging this, I’m not super into the game so far.

I don’t know how this is possible.

I can’t overstate my excitement for Dishonored 2, and for playing as Emily this time around. But so far I feel like something is flat. I’m also not terribly taken with the voice acting. Everything feels just a shade too fakey and that surprises me. I’m also not terribly impressed by the dialogue in general. Perhaps this is just the opening hours, but so far, I find myself left wanting. I’m absolutely going to play it through to completion, but I hope everything clicks sooner than later.

After I finished Dishonored 2, I will be diving in to Titanfall 2, and after that, perhaps Watch_Dogs 2. Who knows? It will be a week of 2s.

2s, 2s everywhere.

What are you playing this week? Are there any new releases you are excited for this month and hoping to get to? Any big plans for games you are hoping to get on Black Friday/Cyber Monday?

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  1. I’m excited for Pokemon Moon,I’ll probably get Titanfall 2 on Black Friday. I’ll play Overwatch,Rise Of The Tomb Raider,Skyrim,Battlefield 1,Batman Arkham Asylum and Jackbox Party Pack 3 this week sometime. Lots of games to play.


    • Just finished RoTR last Saturday. Great game! I agree Rebekah with you about the game dragging the last 25%. It was a great game. I too,think the Baba Yaga DLC was oddly paced. Loved the scenery, gameplay, & the characters were amazing. Idc for the villain. He was terrible. I expected more. What about that teaser for the next entry, thoughts? As for Black Friday/Cyber Monday purchases, I’m considering Mafia 3 as a definite purchase & maybe Titanfall 2 based on MP. I’m on the fence after playing BF1 MP.


      • Congratulations of finishing RotTR! I also really liked the aesthetic of the Baba Yaga DLC, but was left wanting, overall.

        I’m curious to see what exactly the sales will offer. I hope I can get out without buying too much.


      • Thanks Rebekah! I agree with you about the Baba Yaga DLC. It definitely left you wanting more. I’ll be shopping from home as I do every year. Just looking for a decent deal of a few games that I want. Are there any games that interest you?


        • Oh man, if I do any shopping this year, it will also be from home. I am not a big shopper.

          As for games I’m looking at, I wouldn’t mind getting the new Assassins Creed collection on sale, or a handful of other titles were the price to be right.


  2. I’m approaching the end of Twilight Princess HD, I might be able to finish that by the end of the week.

    On another note, I’ve recently managed to attain 100% completion in The Binding of Issac: Afterbirth expansion. Every item… gotten! Every secret… found!

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    • Nice job! I love the idea of seeing everything a game has to offer. Especially if it is a game I’m super into.

      I hope you enjoy the rest of Twilight Princess!


  3. I started the campaign for Titanfall 2 and am enjoying it so far. I also played a little bit of the multiplayer and found it a little bit lacking. It’s still frantic and chaotic fun but so far I haven’t seen any of the grunts or robots that used to populate the map as well. I liked that in the first game you could earn points for the team by eliminating them as well as other players so if you have a rough match at least it felt like contributing. Other than that I started Ace Attorney Spirit of Justice and am enjoying that too.

    I’m sorry to hear that you aren’t liking Dishonored 2 as much as you thought so far. I hope it gets better for you!

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    • Nice! I want to start Titanfall 2, myself!

      In the beta I thought that was interesting, that you could take down AI enemies for points, as well.

      I hope Dishonored 2 clicks with me sooner than later!


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