August Game Challenge: Week Two (Olympic Fever)

inside cornfield

I adore the Olympics.

Allow me to qualify that.

I am not what any stretch of the imagination would consider a sports person, and I absolutely adore the Olympics.

Since the opening ceremonies on Friday, I’ve been glued to the television, no matter the featured sport.

It may be an obvious statement, but, because of this attention to the Olympics, I’ve not played any game on my current game challenge list.

Over the weekend, much time was spent in Destiny (when I wasn’t watching the Olympics). My partner is building up his new character, and we finally made it through both of the first two raids (Vault of Glass and Crota’s End) on hard, and it was fun to revisit them. We did far more than simply the raid content, though, and I can’t say enough how much I love being able to play Destiny with him at long last. We are both super looking forward to the Rise of Iron expansion next month.

I played a smidge of Borderlands 2 here and there, farming for exotics in The Dust. It’s by far the best place I’ve found for farming chubbies and tubbies, and there are three mini bosses to boot (well, to be fair, the Black Queen has a chance to spawn; she’s no guarantee). I’ve come out from all that farming with a lot more exotics which is nice considering I barely saw any on my first few playthroughs of the game back in 2012.

So, aside from all the Olympics, the Destiny, and the sporadic Borderlands 2 farming, tomorrow sees a huge release finally come to fruition: No Man’s Sky. While I’m incredibly excited for the game, I’m also cautious. In recent years, I’m not sure any game has been the focus of as much hype as this game. I’m concerned that many folks out there are going to get disappointed through no fault of Hello Games’s creation. Inevitably, when expectations are so high, the only place for reality to go, is down.

I think, no matter how it all shakes out, No Man’s Sky is a remarkably ambitious game created by an incredibly small team. They have endured some crazy things on the path to release, and I wish them, and the game, all the best. I will certainly be joining the fray in space tomorrow as soon as my copy arrives.

I’d love to believe that I will at least get to Inside this week (I’m chomping at the proverbial bit to play that game); I’m increasingly concerned about the game being spoiled for me, and I want to experience it as fresh as possible. I’m also incredibly excited to finally sit down and play Abzu, as anything I’ve seen of the game has been breathtaking. As someone who can’t swim in reality, the idea of experiencing so much beauty under the water intrigues me.

It’s sort of amusing to me that in reality, I am terrified of being under water. And yet, this game has me terribly excited to see what that world holds.

With that, I ask: what have you been playing this past week? Are you watching the Olympics? If so, which events have been your favorites so far?

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  1. I have been watching the Olympics. I have been periodically watching the gymnastics & synch. swimming portion. The wome’s gymnastics team is kicking ass & taking names.

    As for the gaming front, I am excited about the Rise of Iron expansion. Rebekah, do you have any early thoughts on it? Also, do you think Deus Ex will live up to the expectations?


    • Didn’t they?! They were amazing!

      I’m so excited for Rise of Iron, too. I haven’t received my current issue of GI yet so I haven’t read all their coverage, but I’m super looking forward to.

      As for Deus Ex, I have good feelings about it, but I realize I may be biased. When I found out the team that made the most recent Thief was the team working on Deus Ex, I was really excited, because I quite liked Thief. I didn’t love the previous Deus Ex, but then, I didn’t get all the way through it. So I’m cautious, but optimistic. What are your thoughts on it?


  2. I’ve watched some of the Olympics and to tell you the truth they haven’t been very entertaing to me so far.


    • I’m sorry you haven’t been enjoying them. For me, it’s not so much about entertainment, but seeing these athletes who have mostly toiled away in obscurity for most of their lives to become as good as they are. Their determination, dedication, and desire is inspiring to no end. I am the least sporty person I know, but the Olympics is a glorious display of what people can achieve if they keep pushing themselves.


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