My Excitement For Pokemon Sun/Moon Is At An All-Time High

pokemon sun and moon box art

If you had asked me a month or so ago if I was excited for the November 18th release of Pokemon Sun and Moon, I’d have offered up a mildly enthusiastic “Yes.”

Now, after a couple of weeks with Pokemon Go, I’d answer that question with a vigorous “YES!”

I was slow to the Pokemon phenomenon. My first Pokemon game was Pokemon X and I absolutely loved it. When I finished, I had put somewhere around 80 hours into it and I was sorry to see the story completed. I had that strange and sad awkward feeling of, “Well now what?”

I’ve had Pokemon Sun pre-ordered for a good long while, but the more I play Pokemon Go, the more excited I am for the retail release of Sun. I’ve never been a huge fan of cell phones and, as much as I’m enjoying Go, I’m looking forward to a new Pokemon on my 3DS instead of playing on my phone.

I actually spent $10 within the Pokemon Go app yesterday, and I didn’t feel too too bad about it. I’ve definitely had quite a good time already, and I felt comfortable showing Niantic and The Pokemon Company that I’m on board with their offering. The added bonus is that I now have 200 bright and shiny Pokeballs that I don’t have to scour Pokestops for.

I feel spoiled.

And I’m still only level 11. It feels like it takes forever to level up. And I’ve even been using the “trick” of saving up several Pokemon to evolve until I have a lucky egg to reap the bonus XP.

It’s interesting to me how one game can make me even more excited for another game. I’ve had this experience in different ways recently.

I happened upon a speedrun of Dishonored (he completed it in under 35 minutes!) and it was not only impressive, but it further excited me for Dishonored 2’s release later this year.

Someone came to replace a water heater the other day, and he looked at the wall near our door and said, “Where did you get that BioShock poster?!” And I was like, “You like BioShock?” And he said “I loved it.” And we were off and running. Little did he know that the original BioShock is my favorite game of all time, but we started talking about the remastered trilogy coming in September, and I found myself excited all over again about it. I’m sure I will play through all three again, and seeing them in all their newly remastered glory certainly won’t hurt.

I just never know when or where an inspiration to play a certain game will come from.

Years ago I was at a party and I mentioned that I like carnivals as settings for horror movies or games. Someone recommended Spider Man: Shattered Dimensions as it had a carnival level. So I went out and got it, and played it straightaway.

I may not have loved the game, but that carnival level was a lot of fun. And I love recommendations from people who also love games.

So with that I ask: are you playing Pokemon Go? If so, is it heightening your excitement for Sun and Moon? Also, what games have you played on a recommendation from someone? Did you love the games or have a less than favorable response? I’d love to hear about it.

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  1. I am really looking forward to Pokemon Sun/Moon. I gave Dishonored another try cause I knew you really liked it.


    • Aww, I love that you tried it out, but I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy it. The downside of recommendations. Sometimes people don’t like the same things.

      A similar situation occurred when I recommended Dying Light to someone so they bought it and HATED it so much that they traded it right back in. I felt terrible.

      And I can’t wait to explore the island setting in Sun/Moon. I think it’s going to be a lot of fun.


  2. I played Dark Souls after so many people kept saying it was amazing. I liked it, but some parts were really frustrating and turn me off from the game when I get to them.


    • I have tried to like the Souls games (I spent the most time with Bloodborne) but I am either just not good enough, or I don’t care for them in general. I wanted to make progress in Bloodborne, but I just couldn’t cut the proverbial mustard. I disappointed myself.

      The difficulty in those games seems arbitrarily punishing and I’m not sure I can get behind that.


      • Some parts of the game seem to just be difficult to be difficult. Like the Capra Demon in The Depths. Instead of just fighting the Capra Demon, you have kill the two dogs with it immediately or else you can’t win. I like the combat system, but sometimes I think the developers didn’t know how to make something harder so they just put more enemies to attack you.


        • I have very similar feelings. That was my beef with Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode in Borderlands 2. It was just more enemies with regenerating health and shields. Not all that interesting.


  3. As you know I’m loving my Pokemon Go too, at level 13 now. Yesterday I managed to win my first gym level, to my surprise. What a thrill. Other then that I’m playing a game now that a lot of people have been telling me to get, Monster Hunter. I’m not disappointed up till now, but then I’m still in the training missions!


    • You are ahead of me (I am only now level 12)! And you won your first gym?! That’s so awesome! Which team did you choose? I ended up on Valor, but they all seemed somewhat similar so I don’t think it would have mattered had I ended up on Mystic or Instinct instead.

      I’m looking forward to your thoughts on Monster Hunter. I’ve never played one, but I’ve heard good things about the series. Apparently it is a HUGE deal in Japan.


      • I’m in Valor too, mainly because I’d read it was least popular. And I always tend to go for the underdog, lol.
        I was surprised that so many of my lady gaming friends on FB were enjoying MH so much, so I had to see what I was missing!


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