July Game Challenge: Week Two (Stalled Out)

resident evil 7 biohazard

Folks, I’m in a bit of a pickle on this challenge: I haven’t completed a single game so far this month.

It’s not a good look.

The first week of the month was sort of Overwatch-centric, and this past weekend I found myself back in space double jumping around the planets in Destiny. No matter how many times I’ve stepped away from Destiny then gone back to it later, I’m always reminded at how smooth the gunplay is and how fantastic the game looks. I’m already super excited for the expansion later this year.

I also admit that this past week I’ve had a severe case of Olympics fever. Every four years when the Olympics comes around, it’s all I want to watch, think about, and breathe. In the past couple of weeks, both the men’s and the women’s Olympics gymnastics teams were announced, and I was scouring the internet for any word as soon as it came about. I would have gladly watched all the trials live, but we don’t have television (I mean we have a television, but it gets no television), and NBC’s hold on the rights to air the Olympics (and apparently everything surrounding them) somehow kept me from watching the livestreams as I couldn’t prove I had cable (because I don’t have cable). Anyway, long story short (too late!), my brain has been consumed with the various Olympic trials.

But I’m ready to hunker down and focus.

This week I’m going to finish up Oxenfree as I think I’m about halfway through it. There are also several other downloadable titles that I think I can tackle in a productive way, so I’m hoping to get to those, too. I’d also like to get to a disc-based game (e.g.: The Evil Within, Murdered: Soul Suspect), so that’s another goal. I have no dearth of games to choose from, so I just need to knuckle down and get to it.

Another goal from this week forward (amid some health concerns) is getting back into a regular schedule of working out. If this means I have a little less time for gaming, then so be it. It’s far past time for me to get myself back into a condition more suitable to good health.

So cheers to that!

Another thing on my radar (in a completely “I can’t participate way”) is Pokemon Go. I have no hope of playing it as my aging Windows phone will never support most apps, let alone something like this. I kid you not, the Weather Channel app no longer even works. I can barely use Google without the phone shutting down my search. I can also barely get it to charge. I know it’s time for a new phone, but I’m weirdly stingy about phones, and I know I’m going to have to start doing research and figuring out what kind of phone I’d like to get. I’m leaning towards an iPhone but we’ll see.


My feed on Facebook is filled to the brim with people who have actually gone outside (!) to run around and catch Pokemon since the game released. It seems to be sweeping the gaming world in a fascinating way. I’m curious to see if it has staying power, but for now, Pokemon Go is quite the thing.

I’m sorry I don’t have better progress to report, but I hope to turn that around tomorrow. And I have something silly to report on Wednesday, but more on that later.

What have you been playing? What do you hope to get to this week?

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