June Game Challenge: Week Three (E3 Madness)

dead island riptide palms cover

So! While I’ve made good on the first part of my game challenge for June, it’s currently on hold to cover the madness and wonder of E3 2016.

I completed Borderlands 2 last week and, since I made good progress, I realized I was dangerously close to getting the platinum for it, so I put some extra time in and I’m only a few trophies away from the platinum prize. Just a few more levels to get, then to beat that nasty Terramorphous, and the trophy is obtained! I’m a little concerned about putting together a four person team to take him down, but I know we have at least three, so it’s possible to defeat him at level 50, albeit not a cakewalk.

Still, attempts will be made.

This week, as everyone knows, is E3 2016, and I will continue to cover the press conferences as they happen. Yesterday we heard from EA and Bethesda, and today we will hear from Microsoft, Ubisoft, and Sony. I have been writing recaps of the conferences as well as live tweeting during each, so please join me over on Twitter for some real-time silliness.

I feel as though E3 got off to a bit of a quiet start. EA’s conference had a lot of promise but left me wanting. I felt like we didn’t see all that much gameplay given their stable of games in development. I also felt the presser dragged a bit in certain sequences.

Bethesda had a solid show, but, for whatever reason, I thought a big announcement was coming. That never quite happened. There was a bit of a tease from Todd Howard via video which made me think that an Elder Scrolls VI announcement was coming, but that turned out to be the reveal for the remastered version of Skyrim (which, according to the Amazon listing, will retail for $60). I was quite pleased with the extended time given to Dishonored 2 (my most anticipated game of 2016), and the collector’s edition that was revealed was gorgeous.

I’m not saying I pre-ordered it immediately, but I totally did. I hope Corvo’s mask is wearable.

Quick aside, I realized I like masks from video games. One of my favorite pieces of video game paraphernalia is my wearable Splicer mask from BioShock. I have it lit from beneath and it looks eerie and beautiful.

So, after two pressers, I’m ready and willing for today’s conferences.

I’m also looking forward to completing the rest of my June game challenge: to play through the Dead Island: Definitive Collection. I’m in a tropical mood and I fully intend to do my best to eradicate the zombie outbreak across Banoi. It should be a solid and silly co-op foray.

This week I will be trying to knock out the rest of those Borderlands 2 trophies and hopefully landing my sixth platinum. Wheee!

With that I ask: what are you playing during this week of E3? Are you playing current titles, or are some of the announcements making you want to go back and revisit older ones? What have been your favorite moments from E3 2016 so far?

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  1. Aside from the teaser/behind the scene look at Adromeda, EA left me underwhelmed. I really wanted some concrete info on where Star Wars was going. Battlefront was a huge let down in tone and game play for me, so I’m hopefully but cautiously so that the next one will be better. Too early to tell about the other SW games though, which sucks for me. As for Bethesda it was really solid. I’m not big into Dishonored or the new Prey but they looked really good, Dishonored 2 looked especially polished. I just want all dlc for Fallout to launch so I can play it all at once. As for Skyrim, it’s by far my favorite place in the Elder Scrolls universe so a reason to get back in is awesome. Also I think the One Tamriel update coming to ESO was underrated, as is the game in general. I’m glad they gave it some attention. I was hoping for a sight teaser as to where the next Elder Scrolls game will take place though.


    • I agree on EA; it felt like they mentioned a lot of projects, but didn’t show much of any particular one (perhaps excepting Titanfall 2 and FIFA 17).

      I also thought they might lightly announce the new Elder Scrolls, particularly with the way Todd Howard introduced the remaster of Skyrim.

      So far I feel like the pressers have been playing it safe. I think Microsoft and Sony will have some bigger announcements and, hopefully, some surprises.


  2. @Colton/Rebekah/Nate, we all share the same sentiments when it comes to Mass Effect. It’s time they showed some gameplay footage; even if it’s nothing more than alpha. No?! I agree with Nate on the Prey comment, not a fan of it; it did look good. EA was definitely lax on the footage shown. :( Maybe more will come with Gamescomm, maybe! Also, Ubisoft delivered where EA slacked. Did anyone catch the trailers for both For Honor & Ghost Recon: Wildlands? For Honor definitely is going to shape up to be a game to remember if they hold to what was shown at E3. Just my two cents!


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