May Game Challenge: Week Four (Overwatch Me Already!)

suck less cover

As I sit here to write this, I am checking my phone (far more often than necessary) to see if my copy of Overwatch has been delivered. It wouldn’t be erroneous to say I’m overexcited for Overwatch.

Oh fine, I’ve been watching all these videos on each character’s playstyle, strengths and weaknesses. I’ve been deciding on mains I want to pursue, and strategies I’d like to work on. Later today, I will hit up my Blizzard guru (T-REX!) to brainstorm on ways I can suck less at Overwatch once I get my hands on my copy.

I’m not going to lie: pretty much all I can think about right now is Overwatch. Here’s hoping the UPS man finds his way here earlier than later today.

This past week I actually made decent progress on my game challenge. Last night I finished DOOM and, while I had really been enjoying it through the beginning and middle of the game, towards the end, it started to feel a bit sloggy. I also found the inclusion of a couple of bosses to be odd. But it wasn’t until the final level (and boss) that I started to just want it to be over.

Turns out the final boss fight didn’t exactly go as planned (according to the game guide). I was supposed to be able to get ammo and health from an aspect of the fight, and that didn’t reliably happen. I probably gave it seven tries before I beat the darn thing (and a big thank you to a friend who was watching via Share Play that was keeping me updated on my ammo stock so I could focus on the fight). There are some trophies I could quite easily get if I dove back in for even a couple of hours, but, as of right now, I probably won’t. I’m even considering trading in the game.

I’m not even sure it is because I potentially suck at DOOM. Apparently several folks online had similar experiences with that final boss fight.

Honestly, though, most of the game was solid fun. That last third just started to feel repetitive. No matter, I’m done with the campaign now. Next up is Homefront: The Revolution. I had hoped to at least dive in before today, but that’s okay. If it’s really as much of a buggy mess as I hear, I will probably play it in chunks anyway so I don’t go bonkers.

My gaming dance card is a bit full for the next month, as I have a ton of Overwatch to play, I’ve committed to playing a run of Borderlands 2 with some friends starting next week, E3 follows (which will have me quite busy), and after that, I’ve committed to a co-op run with two other people to play the Dead Island Definitive Collection.

And I couldn’t be happier about all of it. I am so ready to kick zombies across the screen as John. I’m ready to farm for yet another Blockhead in Borderlands 2 and blast away all those Pandoran jerks whose only goal is to kill the crap out of me. And, most of all, I’m ready to employ new strategies in Overwatch. If I can’t outplay the opposition, I can at least try to outsmart them.

With that, I ask, what are you currently playing? What are you excited for that is on the near horizon?

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  1. OVERWATCH. I’m currently playing Doom,Uncharted 4,Fallout 4,Pokemon Y and Ratchet and Clank should be in the mail from gamefly today so yeah lots of games.

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    • Colton! How is Gamefly as a gaming service? I am playing Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons atm. I am looking forward to the craziness known as E3. Also, I have pre-ordered Deus Ex & BF1(Battlefield 1) because of the emphasis on WW1. An unexplored theme when it comes to military-based shooters.

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