March Game Challenge: Week Two (Addicted To The Division)

the division cover

I believe The Division has its hooks in me. In a great big “this is all I want to play right now” sort of way. It has been an exercise of willpower to keep my hands off the game until my co-op partner can also get back online and we can tackle the ruins of New York together.

But hoo-boy am I tempted.

As you may have picked up on, I’ve been playing a lot of Ubisoft’s The Division and, while it’s far from a perfect game, I can’t seem to get enough. If I was forced to guess a review score median for it, I’d estimate somewhere in the 7 to 8 out of 10 range, but it has an addicting sort of quality to it. I want to get back in there and level up my home base. I want to fully upgrade my medical wing. I want to fully upgrade my security wing. My tech wing can suck it (there’s not much going on there that I’m keen on), but I’ll of course upgrade it anyway. I want to unlock the safe houses around the city. I want to give sick and stumbling civilians cans of food and energy bars. I want to find better gear and weapons. I want to dive back in to the adrenaline-fueled antics of the Dark Zone to level up and find all the loot I can.

Yeah. I’m hooked.

I played a couple hours of Firewatch last week, but at any moment when my co-op partner could play, I would drop most anything I was doing to play more Division. The visuals of Firewatch are incredibly beautiful, and I am enjoying the narrative thus far, but holy heck, I got pretty lost a couple of times. I’m decent with a map and compass in reality, but in the game, I found myself (no pun intended) sometimes well-off my intended destination. It was moderately embarrassing. Also, I want to know what the heck is going on in the story. It feels like it is setting itself up for a few potential paths.

Also, I found a little turtle in my exploration of the game, and when I opted to adopt him I could choose between several pre-selected names for him, and I chose “Turt Reynolds” which continues to be funny to me in a way I can’t seem to impart properly. I find myself at random saying (aloud, no less) “Turt Reynolds.”

One of the best creature names ever.

I am hoping to wrap up Firewatch today, as well as get in some solid leveling up in The Division once my co-op partner gets online later in the day. I imagine we will finish the narrative of the game this week, which will keep me right on track for completing a game per week this month. I am also incredibly excited to start in on Kholat (a survival horror game I’ve been aching to play since I initially read about it last year) which released this month on PS4.

All in all, it’s a great time to be a gamer. So many amazing experiences just waiting to be had.

With that, off I go to Firewatch! Cheers, friends.

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  1. Cheers! To the Division. This looks like a good vs. evil challenge. I’m considering it to be my next game purchase. Or, that Tom Clancy drug lord take down in central America. (Obviously, I have forgotten the name.)
    Remember to eat, or at least have snacks while you Division binge.


    • I think you’d really like The Division. It’s definitely centered around co-op play though. Also, the interface and systems aren’t the most streamlined.

      I believe you are thinking of Ghost Recon: Wildlands and, sadly, there is no release date as of yet.

      If you get The Division, please let me know!


      • That distant soft echo of Game Stop calling in the stillness of the night…. new game. Oh, the Division checks all of the boxes of what I like in a game. Now it’s a matter of time. Work vs. Play.


        • Oh dude, I think you would really like this game. Do you like third person shooters? I can’t remember if we’ve ever talked about that…? You could totally swing some playtime. The person I played through the story with balanced playing with work, though he doesn’t have your “constantly working” schedule. But I think you’d have a good time with it.

          If you get it, please tell me!


    • I believe I also started playing it before you did, so that’s probably why. Also, I’m super focused on powering through the story, so that’s definitely leveling me up.

      I recommend any piece of gear that gives you bonus XP. It adds up.


    • Indeed, I am! I love co-op shooters.

      As for the Dyatlov Pass incident, I knew the history long before I heard of the game. I do find it morbidly fascinating, though, and the game allows for exploration of that. I wonder if the incident will ever be fully explained.


      • Co-op shooters are fun when playing with people who enjoy the game. I have been playing over the last few days. Some of the groups I have been matched with have been lackluster, imho! Others have been helpful & enjoyable to play with. That has helped keep me interested in the game.


        • I, too, love co-op shooters! But I absolutely agree: when you end up with a good team, it’s wonderful. When you end up with a lackluster one, it’s, well, it can nearly ruin the experience.


  2. I’m addicted to this game too and I still can’t figure out why! Nice to see a woman blogging about games! I look forward to checking out some more of your stuff.


  3. I’ve since seen your later posts about your frustrations with the Dark Zone stuff, that match pretty well with what I’ve heard from many others. My question for you is this: is the non-Dark Zone stuff rewarding enough in your opinion for someone interested in only that part?


    • I would say no. I mean, I was all over this game for a week or so, but it fell off hard and fast after that. I have found no real desire to jump back in yet.


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