January Game Challenge: Week Three (Horizontal)

pweee! (allie brosh)

I’ve not figured out how to play games while laying down with my eyes shut, and since last Monday night, I’ve played absofruitly nothing.

That’s right. No games in a week.

This food poisoning knocked my progress to a complete and total halt.

What a bummer.

It’s still difficult to focus on anything much, and rest has comprised most of my days. I’m hoping that I start to feel better oh, say, immediately so that I can start playing games again. It’s hard to write about games when you aren’t playing them.

With that in mind, here’s my gaming plans provided my sour stomach doesn’t get in the way.

I most certainly will be diving back in to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, as well as hopefully finishing up Call of Duty: Black Ops III. I have a feeling that if the game requires twitch reflexes, I probably won’t be doing super well. That’s okay. I will just be happy to be playing again.

So with that, I bid each of you a good week and I hope I have positive progress to report on next Monday.

What is everyone else out there playing?

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    • Oh wow, you’re playing Bloodborne? I am super impressed. I want to go back to it someday, but I’m afraid I suck at it too much to complete it. :(

      Also, thank you. Being this sick this long has been awful.


        • No worries! Sometimes that happens.

          I think I got to the cathedral ward but not a whole lot further. I didn’t kill the Gatling gun guy. I was pretty frustrated with that area. And I’d love to play co-op with you sometime! It sounds like you are way better than me, which will be helpful.


  1. Aww! I hope you feel better soon. I’m working through Bloodborne and the second part of Persona 3.


  2. Here’s to you feeling better. I dove back into Destiny for a minute last week. I’m looking to get Tomb Raider this week. I plan to do more play this year. For me, that means trying games that are out of my “comfort zone”. Fyi, not big on games that have stealth. Going to try something different. :)

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    • Thank you!

      I love the idea of getting out of your comfort zone, game wise. I try to do that, too, and I’m often pleasantly surprised.

      I am not either! If given the option, I frequently push stealth aside for a more guns blazing option. :)


  3. Sorry to hear about your illness, that’s no fun at all. It’s been hard to find time to play outside of the weekend, but those weekends have been great. Mostly I’ve been immersed in Divinity: Original Sin online with my wife. What an awesome online co-op game that is!


        • YEAHHH! And he’s back!

          Oh, side note: I tried to leave a comment on your site in the “About” section, but it never allowed me to post it. Any thoughts?


      • Interesting… Well I know I had to figure out how to actually allow comments on that page, it wasn’t initially available but should be now. I’m assuming there was an input box for comments at the bottom? This is going to be really frustrating if there are still comment issues with the new site, that was the main reason I moved it…


        • Yes, there was an input box for comments, but every time I filled it out, it bopped me to an error screen. If I try it again, would you like me to take a screenshot for you so you can see it? I don’t know if that would be helpful or not.


      • Oh, yes please! I logged out and tried to leave a comment using my other email address and it seemed to work fine (well at least it posted the comment for moderation anyway). It’s going to feel kind of pointless to have the site if no one can comment.


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