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I am now in day four of hell.

I am in terrible shape both physically and metaphorically. My body is literally repelling all food, what little of it I’ve eaten since Monday night. Let’s see. Here’s the rundown of all the food I’ve eaten since this began.

Tuesday: Four Saltines.
Wednesday: Six Saltines and less than 20 french fries.
Thursday: Two Saltines, a plain grilled cheese sandwich, and less than 20 french fries.

And my body hates it all.

It also hates the mere thought of any other food.

To top it all off, both laying down and sitting up cause me issues. I haven’t been at my computer at all (save for Wednesday’s post and writing this now), as looking at the screen makes me want to ralph. This also means playing games has been OUT. I haven’t played a thing since I beat The Order: 1886 on Monday night right before every ounce of food in my system made a mass exodus. I haven’t been able to read either as concentrating on small text has also made me feel bad.

So…I’m spending a lot of time with Netflix. And YouTube. Thank god for both.

So with that, I find myself apologizing (again!) for my lack of something gaming related. I swear on every game guide I have that come Monday, I hope to have something straight up gaming for you.

But right now? It’s naptime. Again.

I wish each of you a better weekend than I anticipate having.

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  1. You know you are sick if your stomach can’t handle saltines. Glad you are feeling better! Thank goodness for settled stomachs. They are taken for granted.


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