Yet Another Reason I Love CD Projekt Red


As various outlets announce their “Game of the Year” choices, one thing is clear: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was well thought of by many people (I, among them).

But one of the main factors of why I love the game (which I am only now getting back into after setting it aside early on) is the studio behind it: CD Projekt Red.

No matter what I read/see/hear about CD Projekt, they continue to impress me. But what stands out to me is how they greeted everyone who bought The Witcher 3: with a thank you note enclosed in the game case.

cdpr thank you scan 01


I thought that was the classiest move. Sure the free DLC (and stickers!) was appreciated, but the fact that after all their hard work they wanted to thank every consumer for purchasing the fruits of their labors left an impact on me.

Somehow, I appreciate the game even more, now.

And with that, off I go to try to pick up where I left off. I fear Roach is bored in a field somewhere and Geralt is surely ready to leave White Orchard to pursue various endeavors. I am, too.

(As a side note, I have no idea why the scan of the thank you “note” is showing up as it is. On my end, it looks just fine, but no matter what I do, it has odd ghosting and such. I apologize for the visual grossness.)

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  1. Agreed! I was going to wait a bit before purchasing my copy until I started seeing pictures of what was included in the game case. So few games release these days with so much “bonus” material, it reminded me of the days when I could buy a new game and spend hours devouring the manual before even pressing start. They deserved my money for a release window purchase and they got it.

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    • Have you started it yet? Right now I’m 50+ hours in and it’s amazing. The controls can be a bit wonky at times, but that’s a minor quibble overall. I just hope I can finish it by the 9th.


      • I fired it up briefly just to see how it looked and played through some of the intro. Boy that combat system is going to take some getting used to, but I’m sure I can get the hang of it when I’m ready to commit. I’m really excited to explore the world most of all.

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