December Game Challenge: Week Four (To Vita Or Not To Vita)

undertale title screen

Here we are at the end of one of my least productive months ever. Hooray for me!

Wait, scratch that. Super un-hooray for me. I’ve been embarrassingly unproductive. I’m not one to go all-in on new year’s resolutions (I think they can lean towards the unrealistic side), but I do have honest to goodness plans to improve myself in many ways in the months to come.

One of those ways is making new gaming ventures a priority, even if that means scheduling that time so I don’t miss out on newer, fresher experiences. If I can do that, I will have all kinds of lovely things to report back to you folks.

As you may have expected, I did not complete Rise of the Tomb Raider. It’s pretty ridiculous at this point that I’ve not managed to bring it home. Instead of verbally flogging myself for your reading pleasure, I will just admit that I’ve been less than great on this front.

However. Not all is lost.

Today we head out on holiday, and that means a bonanza of handheld games will be at my disposal. Combine this with my tendency to play Nintendo games at this time of year, and I have the perfect winter storm of getting some gaming in. Between flights and car rides and down times, I will inevitably find some quality time to bond with my 3DS.

What I was not expecting was how much I want to take my PS Vita along for the trip. History tells me that I wouldn’t get a lot of solid gaming time in on it, but the game-loving side of me wants to bring it for the heck of it. I could stand to play some Doki Doki Universe (it’s maddeningly adorable), or Danganronpa (finally!), or any number of others games I have downloaded on it.

Aw heck, no matter how much I go back and forth on it, I will take my gosh darn Vita on the trip. If I didn’t, I would just wish I had. It doesn’t take up much space, and I typically underpack as it is. It’s the right call.

This means I have far more games then I could ever conceivably play in a week’s time, but hooray for choices!

And with that, all I can hope for at the end of this month’s challenge is to play as many games as possible when given the time, and to have more solid gaming experiences. And if I find myself with little time and less gaming, well that’s okay too.

Today will be one heck of a busy day, but who knows, I may get a little gaming in on the flight. I feel some 3DS goodness coming on.

Cheers, friends!

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  1. I can never seem to make use of my flying time the way I hope. I usually make sure I have games, books, podcasts, etc. but always end up falling asleep, which has it’s own benefits I suppose.

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