Gaming While On Holiday


Now I may not be headed to the world of Skyrim any time soon, but I will be headed out on holiday come Monday, so this weekend will surely be spent pondering which games (and handhelds) to bring with me on the adventure.

I love to StreetPass, and this time of year always makes me yearn for Nintendo’s brand of whimsy, so my 3DS will most certainly be making the trip with me. I have this nifty little cartridge holder that is super compact yet holds four games, and I decided earlier that I will take the following games with me:

Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon
Mario Kart 7
Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS

I feel like this gives me two games to mess around for short intervals with (Mario Kart and Smash) and two larger games to explore if I find myself with more time on my hands.

I’m also finding that I’m wanting to bring my PS Vita along for the trip, yet history tells me that isn’t necessary. When we go back to visit our hometown in the pacific northwest each year for Christmas, I spend far more time with people and out and about doing things than plopped down and playing games. I know I don’t need to take two handhelds with me, but gosh darn it if I don’t look through all the games downloaded on my Vita and think: But I could be earning trophies while I’m away!

Oh how silly. But completely true.

And I do have a ridiculous amount of games on my Vita. Looking through them makes me all excited to play through so many games I’ve not yet gotten to, including:

Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc
Danganronpa2: Goodbye Despair
Doki Doki Universe
Actual Sunlight
Persona 4 Golden
Silent Hill: Origins
Rogue Legacy
Towerfall Ascension
Grim Fandango

All this adds up to far more games than I could ever conceivably get to in a week’s time.

And I can already tell I will be taking my Vita, too. Oof. I just can’t help myself. There are so many games, and you never know when there might be downtime to play them.

Both handhelds it is!

Realistically, it will be some sort of miracle if I finish even one game while away on holiday, but that doesn’t mean I won’t try.

Double negatives are hard.

What I really wish I could do (and honestly, I could do it, I just wouldn’t feel great about it) is to bring a console with us on our trip so I could introduce some of our family to the greatness of gaming. They are all open-minded since they know both my partner and I love gaming, but I’d love to actually show them Journey, Tearaway: Unfolded, and so many others. Alas, my concern for the safety of the console will keep me from traveling with it.

One day.

With that, I ask, if you travel over the holidays, do you bring any games or consoles with you (handheld or otherwise)? Do you actually get any gaming done or are you too busy with family, friends, food, and festivities?

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  1. That silly Vita. I always bring mine because I have so many games for it that I intend to play, but I just don’t use it much. Now I’m currently in Guam and figured I’d leave it home since I opted for both the PS3 and the PS4, so naturally I’m wishing I brought my Vita…

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    • Until recently, I used mine very little after I finished Tearaway…and that was back when it originally released! Lately I’ve just been diving in and trying to make better use of it.


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