Kojima + PlayStation = Good News All Around


As most of you know by now, yesterday brought us a huge announcement: Kojima has not only officially created an independent studio (Kojima Productions), but has partnered with PlayStation (as seen in the image of Kojima and Andrew House, above) for a new PlayStation franchise.

I think this partnership can only go positive places.

One: I think it’s wonderful that Kojima is now officially out from under Konami. No matter what events actually transpired (and we may never know the truth), the end seemed to be an ugly affair. A fresh start for the creative mind of Kojima can only be a good thing.

Two: Now the speculation begins! My first thought was that a horror game would be developed due to the resounding success that P.T. was met with last year. It doesn’t have to be a Silent Hill game to be excellent, and I have a feeling at least one project on the table will be a horror-based game. I also wonder if it may be developed in tandem for the PlayStation VR (Sony’s virtual reality headset coming in 2016), as how thoroughly frightening would a Kojima-developed horror game be in virtual reality?

Three: I have a feeling no matter what ends up in development, we will at least see a trailer come E3 2016. Even if there is no gameplay to show off, a trailer in six months would be an excellent way to remind everyone that Kojima is currently developing as well as a tremendous game reveal for the Sony presser.

Whether the new franchise is horror or not, I’m terribly excited to see it take shape. Knowing Kojima tends to favor longer development cycles (and for that matter, so can Sony), I have no doubt it will be quite a while before we can get our hands on anything tangible. But this partnership brings great promise and, I have to admit, I’m more excited for an ambiguous future game than I’ve been in a good long while.

What do you think we will see from this partnership? When do you think we will see a trailer or hear of a game announcement? Do you think E3 2016 will be the moment we first get a hint of what is being developed?

Below, please find the official PlayStation announcement of the partnership.

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  1. That is really exciting! I don’t know how likely it is that this new game will be something I’m interested in, but you can’t deny the man has vision. So it will be really cool to see what he comes up with having his new-found freedom.

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