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lipton cold brew iced tea

When the subject of gaming food comes up, I am decidedly simple. I don’t like to eat food at all while gaming; I want beverages, and more than one.

I’m not a fan of eating while gaming in general, as I’m quite particular about keeping controllers clean. I will even go so far as to wipe the controller down with an alcohol pad before a gaming session, just to make sure it’s not hiding any sticky griminess. If I, for some reason, do find myself with food while trying to game, it’s often a piece of sliced fruit and a convenient fork so I don’t have to use my fingers.

But honestly, there is always time to put the game aside and eat, so this isn’t really an issue.

What I do have to have while gaming are at least two beverages in front of me: a tall glass of unsweetened iced tea, and a cup of hot tea. Sometimes I will even add in yet another beverage, but that’s a rarity. Sometimes it will be a glass of ice water, sometimes a Squirt soda (if my stomach doesn’t feel well for some reason), or any number of other beverages.

I drink a lot of iced tea (about a pitcher a day) each day. I love it. My iced tea of choice is the Lipton cold brew iced tea. One giant tea bag (not the awful multiplayer gaming kind…no thank you), a pitcher, and I’m good to go. It’s refreshing, low calorie, and quick to make.


My hot tea however is a little on the fancy side.

mariage freres logo

Probably the fanciest thing I do is occasionally order tea from a lovely place in Paris called Mariage Freres. I discovered it on a trip to Paris back in 2001. I had been at a cafe, and when I ordered an Earl Grey they brought me this lovely little muslin sack with loose tea in it, and on the tag it said Mariage Freres. I sought out the company, and ever since then, I’ve been an ardent admirer. I’ve never tried a tea from them I didn’t like, but my favorites often have rose petals somewhere in the mix. Their black tea with rose (which, incidentally, I’m drinking right now) is a favorite, as is their Sahara green tea (green tea with mint and rose petals). I could name off so many others, but these two along with their Earl Grey Imperial comprise my most frequented teas. I no longer buy them in the little muslin sacks (I gave that up long ago), but rather as loose tea in bulk quantities and use my own tea sacks. It’s more cost effective.

Other than iced and hot tea, I rarely find myself consuming anything while gaming. I think, for me, this is a good thing. It’s nice to get up and move around at intervals, especially if I am playing a long game that has required a lot of attention. And while I am up, I can easily grab a quick snack.

What do you consume while gaming? Lots of beverages? Snacks? Both? What kinds? Do you have strange food and gaming rituals? I’d love to hear about it.

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  1. I’m pretty similar. I don’t like mixing food and gaming because I don’t want to get gunk in my controller. It may be pretty cliché but most of my gaming is powered by Mt. Dew. The only real exception is at the beginning or near the end of a long gaming session when I’ll supplement with a Monster Import.

    I actually really like your idea of sliced fruit with a fork! That’s brilliant for healthy snacking without getting crumbs in the sticks. I’m going to have to try that, or maybe a veggie tray. I guess the only exception would be for on-line gaming. Healthy or not, I’m not about to chew food on mic.


    • DO THE DEW!

      I actually just wanted an excuse to write that in all caps, so thank you. :)

      Honestly, you could still try it. The rare times I ate crunchy fruit while playing online, I asked if anyone could hear the chewing and every time they said no, so…you never know. But I do very much agree with mic etiquette.


  2. I don’t really eat while gaming but if I do it’s mostly fruit. I always have something to drink whether it be water or juice.

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  3. So does your fancy tea shout “huh huh!” each time you drop it into the teapot? :)
    Oh, and by the way, I saw your comment, and to answer: I wish I could play it, but I had to use it as a trade-in for my XB1 :(
    However, if we run into a situation where I can get it, I’ll totally let you know asap! I don’t really have a gaming buddy…


    • That didn’t make total sense: I had to trade my 360 in, along with an assortment of games (none of which were Borderlands), to get an Xbox One.


    • I feel like that’s a reference I should get…but I don’t. More information, please?

      Aw, nuts. Well, hey. At least you have an Xbox One! :)

      Sadly, I don’t have a steady gaming buddy either. It makes me a little sad, if I am being honest.

      Oh! I have an Xbox One, too! Let’s friend up!


      • For sure! AlexBizzar is my “handle” :)
        I might not be online much since I’m always in a state of perpetual work/school, but I’ll be on now and then.

        The reference was meant to mock the stereotype that the French have the nasally grunting sound we make fun, but as most of my jokes go, were not properly worded. Not to worry, though, as this is how most of my jokes end up… to which I’ll then walk away in a very awkward manner… :)


        • I will send myself a message to make sure to add you this weekend. And no worries. I’m not on my Xbox One super often, either.

          Okay, first of all, I love it when jokes have to be explained. I mean this sincerely. There is something hilarious to me about having to explain (or have one explained to me) a joke. It just makes it so much funnier.

          Awkward is underrated! Most of my life is deeply awkward.


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