August Game Challenge: Week Three (So Much Pokemon!)

until dawn dollhouse

So let’s get the awful truth out of the way right off the bat: I haven’t played any Fatal Frame despite the best of intentions. I’m still holding to the claim that I won’t allow myself to play Until Dawn until I’ve completed the first Fatal Frame. And since Until Dawn releases a week from tomorrow, I have a crap ton of catching up to do.

I’m not saying it will be impossible, but I am saying it will take some doing.

Which is sort of a duh statement.

On to what I have been playing: Pokemon X. And lots of it.

If you had asked me a month ago if I would be playing so much Pokemon, I would have been skeptical at best, and laughed at worst. But I’ve been playing so much Pokemon (and loving it!), there hasn’t been room for much else, gaming-wise. I’ve been playing so much that I’ve been staying up far too late each night, just to play some more. The only times I stop are when my 3DS battery light turns to red. One night this past weekend, even that didn’t stop me. I sat on the floor near my charger and just kept right on playing.

I can’t even tell you for sure what the draw of playing so much is. I love finding and leveling up Pokemon. I love befriending them and leveling them up in Pokemon Amie (how many times have I played that tile game?!). I love watching them evolve. I love learning new battle moves and seeing which work the best for each Pokemon. I love the animations. I love going back to older areas to use new moves to unlock secret areas. I love the Battle Chateau. I love growing all kinds of berries. I love finding adorable little outfits for my trainer.

Basically, I both enjoy, and am addicted to, this game. As of the time I write this, I’ve put in over 107 hours into Pokemon X. That’s sort of crazy. I’ve spent far less time completing other far larger games. I think Pokemon X is greater than the sum of its parts. And I still like those parts.

I have only Victory Road to complete before I’m technically “done” with the game, but I’m not sure I will be able to put it down quite so easily. The only issue is, I have so many other games I genuinely want to get to, I’m starting to feel guilty for playing so much Pokemon and so little else.

I also logged in to Destiny for the first time in ages this weekend to take advantage of Xur finally selling the Gjallarhorn. I already had two, but I figured, why not one for each of my characters? I realized how much I miss Destiny, but I also remembered how not great I felt about it around the time I put it aside a couple of months back. I’m just not sure the community is for me, as disappointing as that is.

But I digress.

So, friends, that’s where I’m at. Knee deep in Pokemon and failing at most of my challenge. Here’s hoping I turn it around.

What is everyone else playing?

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m expected on Victory Road. Cheers!

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  1. Challenge woes aside, at least you are spending time with a game and enjoying it? Maybe you just enjoy the rush of a looming deadline? In all sincerity, I wish you success on your challenge and the subsequent reward of your eagerly anticipated Until Dawn.

    I’ve been spending most of my free weekend time in Ancaria, playing Sacred 2: Fallen Angel on the PS3. I’d previously beaten both the light and shadow campaigns but I just can’t tear myself away. And since there are still unclaimed trophies, that’s all the excuse I need apparently. There’s also a little voice in my head that keeps reminding me I can get the PC version on Steam for only $15 dollars and that it likely won’t have the bugs caused by porting it to consoles. But then a much louder voice (thus far) says, “Are you crazy?! Don’t you see how many games you’ve yet to play?”

    Oh and I also played that game where you go to a bacon restaurant and order a quad-decker BLT that has 1lb of bacon in it, and then have the nerve to be surprised to see how big it is. That was a fun game, although a decent cardiologist would probably disagree.


    • You know what it is, plain and simple? I’m scared of the dumb game. I know it isn’t dumb, but my irrational fear of it is. I need to get my nerve up and do it. I will kick myself if I can’t start Until Dawn a week from today!

      Oh the pull of Steam. But you already have the game!

      I saw that one pound bacon fiasco. I’m glad you lived to tell the tale! That’s so much bacon, it’s almost ALL the bacon.

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  2. I’ve spent a lot of time playing pokemon when I was younger (Don’t have an nds or 3ds) to player the newer ones. The last one I played was emerald.. Good times..

    The game that I playing is called SkyForge, it’s basically an mmo where you play an immortal trying to become a god and show your great powers to everyone that gets in your way.. It’s beta now and f2p.

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      • Ooooh.. It might be fun for you to backtrack and play every generation of Pokemon games. Then again, those might be not what you’re looking for if your used to Pokemon X.


        • Oh man…just the thought of playing another Pokemon game right now sounds daunting. Who knows how much time I would spend in that universe?! When I realized Ruby and Sapphire had been out a while and that I didn’t have either, I was a little panicked at all the hours I could see slipping away to them.

          I would definitely be interested to play another Pokemon (old or new), but I’m going to have to hold off for a bit! My backlog is heaving!

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  3. Hopefully you can manage fatal frame before until dawn. Pokemon X/Y are a great time sink. Also if you haven’t I’d recommend trying Pokemon shuffle it’s great fun. I hope to get rest of the trophies in rocket league so that’s what I’ll be playing mostly.


    • Rocket League looks so much fun! I’ve been watching the GiantBomb east vs. west videos on YouTube and can’t wait to try it myself.


    • I originally thought the same thing as a lot of people did initially, “Soccer with cars? Eh…” It’s certainly a good example of PS Plus getting the word out. I don’t think a lot of the people who now love it would have even given it a try otherwise. And now those people tell other people how great it is and it becomes a phenomenon. Do you play with a regular group, and coordinate field position and things like that?

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    • I HAVE to manage Fatal Frame this week. If I don’t, I will be one sad sack on Tuesday when I can’t play my brand new copy of Until Dawn.

      I downloaded Pokemon Shuffle, but I haven’t played it yet. I’m afraid to start anything else with Pokemon in the title right now!


  4. I probably would have been one of those people and not really,a GI playdate is usually Sunday but it hasn’t been done in a few weeks.


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