An Unexpected (And Ironic) Turn With My Aforementioned Egg In Pokemon X

sad pika

As some of you may have read earlier in the week, I was so excited to finally, finally find a particular egg in Pokemon X. The aforementioned egg was the result of two amorous Sandslashes who subsequently produced an egg which eventually hatched to a glorious Sandshrew.

I was elated. For a handful of hours.

After the adorable level 1 Sandshrew came into the world of Pokemon X, I decided to take him with me to the Battle Chateau to help him get leveled up quickly.

If anyone sees what is coming here, I’m glad you do, as, for some unknown reason, I did not.

After an uneventful battle, the XP started to tally up, and it said: Sandshrew is evolving!

I was excited at first, and the denial in me thought perhaps there was an alternate variant on the Sandshrew.

I was incorrect.

My hours old Sandshrew turned into a Sandslash. Just like all the other ones I already had. Somehow I had a mental block that this Sandshrew would just turn into yet another Sandslash.

It was a bit ridiculous, as I had to have known he would evolve, and I had to know, based on where he came from, what he would turn into. Yet I didn’t, and after he evolved, I just sat there staring at my screen and going, “But…but why?! You just got here!”

I brought it on myself. I should have known better.

My Sandshrew is all grown up.


Oh well. At least I had a Sandshrew for about ten hours. A Sandshrew in the hand is worth two in the egg?

Thank goodness I have four more eggs in my vault.


What a silly, sad, and ridiculous story. All that time and effort for a few fleeting hours with a particular Pokemon.

On that note, while looking for an image of a sad Pokemon (which, incidentally, was a depressing Google image search to perform; I don’t recommend it), I happened to find several images of super adorable Pokemon (namely, Pikachu), so hopefully these handful of images take the edge off.


no more pokepuffs, only pizza

This was titled “No more Pokepuffs. Only pizza.” I approve.

Also, this makes me want pizza.

. pika lolly

Look at Pika with his lolly! I also love the horizontal ear action.








happy pika

Those are three happy Pikas! I’m most amused by the one in the upper left corner. It looks like he is doing flea hops? Or is he skipping away? Whatever it is, he looks pretty happy about it.


sleepy pika

And last, but certainly not least, we have an adorably sleepy Pika. Just look at that happy face and those sleepy, droopy, ears. Hopefully his tears in the first image are a thing of the past and he can now rest unburdened with whatever happened to have earlier burdened him.


Well friends, this was a weird one.

To all you weekend warriors out there I say, cheers and be safe!

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    • I’m not sure yet. I have over 100 hours in to Pokemon X so far and I’m not sure how much more I will put in. There are so many other games to play!

      But man, I’m really having a good time with it!


  1. Whoa that’s is quite a bit of time,I only have 30+ hours in it.I’m happy it’s almost fall and all the games coming out.I’m glad to hear that.


  2. Oh, now I feel much better. I was totally confused about how a mating pair of the same species breeds a different species. All is clear now.


    • When I saw him evolve I actually yelled out loud, “Nooooooooo! What?!” It was quite the moment. The irony was intense.

      Aren’t those images funny?! Pokepizza sounds far preferable to Pokepuffs.


  3. There’s a cute Vine of Pikachu waving goodbye to some kids, and as the glass doors close, it presses itself up against the glass like a little kid does. Just some cute humor :)

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