Recap: Square Enix’s Press Conference At E3 2015

square enix

Square Enix’s press conference immediately followed Nintendo. Here are the highlights.

After an extended look at the game, it was announced that Just Cause 3 will release December 1st.

A title early in development was announced as a new Nier game. More information is coming later this year.

Rise of the Tomb Raider, arriving November 10th, was given a behind the scenes look.

Lara Croft Go was announced as coming soon to mobile and tablets.

Heavensward Final Fantasy, Life is Strange, and Dragon Quest Heroes were shown in a montage.

Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer was shown.

Kingdom Hearts Unchained was shown and will release on mobile devices.

Kingdom Hearts III gameplay footage was shown.

World of Final Fantasy trailer was shown.

A new type of Hitman with frequently released (and timed) content was announced. It will release December 8th.

Star Ocean Integrity and Faithlessness was confirmed to be coming stateside. A look at gameplay was shown. It will arrive in 2016.

Deus Ex Mankind Divided in-game trailer premiered. The game will release in 2016.

Final Fantasy Portal App announced.

An RPG is being made by newly formed Tokyo RPG Factory. Project Setsuna will arrive in 2016.

And that concludes the major press conferences for E3 2015. Thank you so much to everyone who interacted with me on Twitter and who came here to connect. It’s been a great E3 so far!


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  1. Square Enix are awfully fond of putting words together that make no sense. Integrity and Faithlessness? What does that even mean?

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  2. They don’t really “press conference” as well as everybody else, but I’ve got to say they strike me as having the most diverse catalog of any of the major publishers.

    I want to know more about Nier, maybe I should take a look at the first one…

    Just Cause 3 looks like the best kind of open-world, chaotic nonsense!


    • you’re not kidding! this was the only one where was i forcing myself to pay attention. the only thing that kept me going was knowing that so many people work so hard on those games. and i respect that.

      just cause is going to be insane.


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