Recap: Bethesda’s Press Conference At E3 2015


Tonight Bethesda held their first ever dedicated press conference. Here were the highlights.

ID Software gave an extended look at the gameplay for the upcoming Doom. It has a (stunning) new engine as well as a multiplayer component. With the addition of Doom Snapmap, players can create their own highly personalized content. The Snapmap features look extensive and accessible. will be a new hub for all Bethesda IP (I assume akin to

The BattleCry global beta was announced.

Dishonored 2 was officially confirmed by Arkane Studios, as well as the Dishonored Definitive Edition for current gen consoles (available this fall). A grown up Emily Kaldwin confirmed as a playable character (who looks more than capable of fighting alongside Corvo) for Dishonored 2.

The Elder Scrolls Legends announced as a free to play title for PC and iPad later this year.

An extended Fallout 4 demo was introduced by Todd Howard. He confirmed the game has been in development since Fallout 3 released. A concept art montage showed the incredible detail put into each aspect. The character creation works via a sculpting tool that streamlines the process. The game will run on an updated engine and is playable in both third and first person.

The Fallout 4 collector’s edition was announced to have a functioning Pip-Boy that works with your smartphone. You can insert your phone into the device and download an app for a “fully” functioning Pip-Boy.

The Fallout Shelter app was announced for release tonight after the conclusion of the press conference.

Fallout 4 allows you to create your own settlements with an incredible amount of personalization.

A 2015 release for Fallout 4 was announced as November 10th.

And the video game world lost their collective minds.

With a powerhouse press conference like that to start E3, I can only imagine what else E3 2015 will bring. Tomorrow I will be providing a recap of each major press conference. See you here and on Twitter!

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  1. Oh, that was fun! I’m not too excited for some of that (Doom, Battlecry, Elder Scrolls Legends), but that Fallout 4 presentation was NUTS! The only thing that game is missing is online co-op. And Dishonored 2 looks gorgeous!

    I look forward to your recaps of the press conferences I’ll miss tomorrow while at work. Bethesda has certainly left a high bar for the rest of the show and I can’t wait to see how everyone else responds.


    • it WAS fun! i’m with you on my interests, and i couldn’t believe they announced a 2015 release date for fallout 4.

      i was super hoping for a dishonored 2 2015 release date, but that’s okay. the game looks AMAZING.

      and if the rest of the conference is anything like this, holy hell! :)

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  2. I’m not the biggest Doom fan, but that E3 made me want the game. I’m almost certain I will get Doom, Fallout, and Dishonored. Seriously, custom content is amazing and I cannot wait!


    • doom certainly looked amazing. i was most excited about dishonored, and seeing that you could play as emily was super awesome.

      fallout coming this year was a huge surprise.


      • Dishonored looks good. Her powers reminded me of ‘The Darkness 2’ powers. Still probably going to be great. Bethesda knew this year was the best to enter E3. I get the feeling they had been planning it for years, even before Skyrim released.


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