Live Tweeting E3 Starting This Evening

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The day has arrived! Beginning with Bethesda’s press conference tonight at 7pm PST, E3 2015 will officially be kicked off.

Starting tonight, I will be live-tweeting about all the major press conferences. You can find me on Twitter at: @rebekah_lang

Please feel free to find me on Twitter and let’s interact about all things E3! I’d love to hear your thoughts about all the announcements.


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  1. Yay! Now I just hope I can find out who is live streaming Bethesda’s conference via YouTube, since that’s the only device I currently have hooked up to a decent internet connection. Let the announcements begin!


    • Wow! I must really be out of it… My PS3 is the only device I currently have hooked up to a decent internet connection. That’s why I’m hoping someone is live-streaming Bethesda’s thing via YouTube.


    • it looks like it will be streamed on twitch. last year i brought up the internet browser on my ps4 and watched some streams that way. perhaps that would work on the ps3?


      • I can certainly give it a try, although I’ve found the PS3’s browser to be less than stellar in the past. I guess Geoff Keighley is doing some kind of YouTube live at E3 thing but it doesn’t look like that even starts until tomorrow. One way or another I WILL be watching this thing. I can even connect my phone to the tv and stream it that way (sad that my mobile data is more than up to the task and the hotel wifi is not). The future is both incredible and puzzling! Enjoy the show, I look forward to your tweets!


        • that’s a very apt description of it! incredible and puzzling, indeed.

          and thank you! i look forward to the real time interaction. it will be the first time i’ve tried to use twitter in such a way. here goes…something!

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